Are You Ready?

Easter Skit

One person walks out in front of the group. Another person comes out all dressed to go on vacation carrying items such as fishing gear, golf clubs, tennis racket, goggles, sun glasses, tennis hat, Hawaiian shirt/shorts, suitcase, etc. Include books/crackers/granola bars.

(Suggestions below for dialogue.)

Person # 1 - "Hello! What's up? Where are you going?"

Person # 2 - "It's my vacation. I'm all set to leave. I'm ready for some great fun. See what I'm taking: golf clubs, fishing pole, .......of course I have books to read, and some tasty snacks." (Gets out objects to show other person what he is taking.)

1 - "Are you sure you're all ready? Do you have everything?"

2 - "Absolutely! I'm ready to fly."

1 - "Well, when do you leave? What flight are you on?"

2 - "Oh! Um . . . (search pockets) I'm not sure. But I'm all ready . . . except for a ticket."

1 - "Then you aren’t ready at all! You need a ticket more than that stuff you’re carrying."

2 - "Oh-oh. I guess I forgot something. I've spent so much money on my vacation equipment. I’m not sure I have enough left for the plane ticket."

1 - "You're going nowhere if you don't have your ticket and boarding pass. You think you’re ready, but you’re not. But, hey, that's just like our life. We’ll never be ready to meet God without knowing Jesus and receiving Him as our personal Savior. We’ll never be good enough to go to Heaven on our own. Jesus is the only Way. Jesus is like a free boarding pass. He’s the ticket to a new life with God. No one comes to God except through Him.”

2 - "So how can I become God's child? Are you sure Jesus wants to be MY Savior?"

1 - "Yes. It's simple. Just ask Him. He loves you. He's willing to forgive you. He wants to live with you and in you. It's a whole new life full of God’s love and promises.”

2. - "Then what are we waiting for? I want to pray right now."

Organ or piano play soft music. Both people kneel with bowed heads. Worship leader comes forward and explains to the children that this series of Sunday School lessons before Easter will focus on Jesus, our Savior. “We will study what Jesus did for us when He gave His life on the cross and rose again. We all want to be ready to meet God when we die. And we want to live our lives with Him and for Him right now, every day.

(May ask for personal decisions by children at this time.)

Closing Prayer.

Copyright 2011 -- Helen & David Haidle

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