X-Factor Christmas Skit

for Children and Youth Ministry | By Richard Ruddle

It is late afternoon on Christmas Eve in the lobby of a downtown high-rise office building. The usual workday hubbub is over, replaced by an echoing silence in the now empty lobby. The Janitor is using a push broom to sweep the lobby floor as the final few office workers hurry past on their way home. 

Janitor: A man in his late 60's who is using a push broom to sweep the lobby. Middle-Aged Businessman, Female Executive, Office Errand Boy, Female Office Worker, UPS Delivery Driver, Janitor's Wife.

Janitor: (Leaning on Broom) I think just about everyone has left the building by now, just a few stragglers left. They're all hurrying home to celebrate with their families, I guess. Not many people take the time to tell me about it like they used to. (Begins Sweeping)

Businessman: (Middle aged wearing suit and tie exits elevator and approaches the Janitor) You there, is my driver waiting for me? I told him I wanted the car here five minutes ago. People are so incompetent now-a-days! Always whining about holiday bonuses, trees, gifts, parties and such nonsense. I put a stop to all that in my office I can tell you! (Throws cigar butt on clean floor and crushes it) Take care of that! (Looks and sees car and driver pull up outside) There, he is finally here. He can find another job after today! Oh, and get rid of that vagrant ringing the bell in front of the building. (Rushes out).

Janitor: (Calls after the businessman) Merry Christmas to you too, Sir! (Aside to self) I hope he doesn't really fire that driver. Traffic is so heavy today because of shoppers and he is only a few minutes late. (Shrugs, picks up cigar butt and continues to sweep).

Female Executive: (Dressed in business attire, approaches mumbling to herself) I suppose he will take me to that same stupid restaurant again. It's the same thing every year, with same boring people. (Speaks to Janitor) I want to go to some new expensive, exciting places for the holiday, don't you? I hope those dreary carolers are not there again this year. (Continues without pause) He just better have that diamond bracelet I wanted or else! (Speaks to Janitor) You may call a cab for me now. I'm in a hurry.

Janitor: (walks towards lobby phone) I'll call for you right now, Ma'am. (Talks on phone- inaudible). It's on the way, Ma'am.

Fem Executive: I don't know why I have to put up with this inconvenience. There should be some expendable "person" to drive Executives and not make them wait like common laborers!

Janitor: There's your cab now, Ma'am. (Fem. Executive hurries to door) Have a Merry Christmas, Ma'am! 

Fem. Executive: (Without looking back) Whatever! (Exits)

Janitor; (Hums Jingle Bells and continues to sweep and place dust in trash can).

Office Errand Boy: (Approaches carrying a plastic bag filled with trash and hands it to the Janitor) Here! Pitch this for me will ya? I've got to get to my second job down at the corner X-Mas tree lot. My Boss expects me to sell the surplus trees for him. I don't know how though. They are pretty picked over and crummy looking by this time. I'm trying a few gimmicks this time. I'm placing some in the stands upside down and then painting them all of the colors of the rainbow. Am I smart or what? Oh well, there are always a few suckers desperate for a tree. (Turns to Janitor) We only make a 400% profit on them you know. If you need an X-Mas tree look me up. (Begins to leave).

Janitor: That's Christmas Tree, not X-Mas Tree! And by the way, Merry Christmas to You!

Errand Boy: (Turns toward Janitor) X-Mas, Nex-Mas, who cares? It's all about making money anyway. I'm not some kind of religious fanatic like some people. You know, the ones with the tacky manger scenes in their yards! (Leaves)

Female Office Worker: (Approaches with sign in her hand. Hands sign to Janitor) My Boss told me to give this to you to post in the lobby. It's a Happy Holidays Sign. "We want to be politically correct, you know." Place it where everyone who enters can see it. If anyone comes in, greet them with, "Happy Holidays." Happy Holidays to you too! (Walks Away).

Janitor: (Softly) Merry Christmas, Miss.

UPS Driver: (Approaches Janitor) Hey Mack! I've got a delivery for someone on the 14th floor. Can you take it for them? I've got to get over to the Department Store for the last minute sales. It's taking every nickel I've got for presents this year. Everything is priced so high and the stuff you get is not worth it. I guess the Holidays are about being broke, huh? The shoppers are always so crabby and thoughtless too. Won't let you park and snatch things right out of your hands! 

Janitor: (Reaches for package) I'll sign for it. 

UPS Driver; Thanks, Mack. (Leaves)

Janitor: Merry Christmas!

Janitor's Wife: (Enters, shaking snow from coat) Hi Honey! I thought we would go over to church together when you get off. The service starts just about that time.

Janitor: That's great. I'm finishing up right now. (Puts broom aside and picks up coat)

Janitor's Wife: Were you real busy today?

Janitor: No more than usual. You know, today I realized that some people have lost sight of the real meaning of Christmas; the birth of our Lord and Savior. Why, they even call it X-Mas so they won't be reminded of His birthday!

Janitor's Wife: I know. I see it too. The Family Christmas we celebrate isn't part of life for some people today. Thank goodness, we have our faith and his love in our hearts to carry us through. Those who ignore it are sure missing something.

Janitor: Yes! They are missing the X-Factor in Christmas; Christ, our Lord.

(Exit, arm in arm). 

Copyright 2006 Richard Ruddle - All Rights Reserved

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