The Best Party Ever

Christmas Play for Children's Ministry | by Karen Brown

Scene opens in a school room, children are seated in row and the teacher is at the front with a blackboard. All girls are dressed as fairies, 2 pixies are at the back dressed in stripped red and black jerseys. The girls are sitting attentively and the boys are pretending to pull the girls hair and firing sling shots.

At the front of the stage, on the side, there is a small table covered with a white cloth.

Teacher, “Now class, let me introduce you to a new student, she is a foreign exchange student and will be with us for the winter term only, this is Holly the Christmas Fairy. I would like you to introduce yourselves and make her welcome”.

Each child stands up in turn:

Sugar, the Sugar Plum Fairy “My name is Sugar plum, I am sweet and kind and good, I dance and bring joy to everyone I meet”.

She does a ballet dance/twirl to the dance of the sugar plum, she keeps twirling.

Disco, the party fairy “My name is Disco the party fairy, I love to have a good time partying with all my friends, we play games, dance and drink lemonade”.

Disco music plays and there are flashing lights as she boogies toward her seat.

Lollypop fairy “I’m Lollypop, everyone loves me, I give treats and share all I have with everyone”.

The lollypop song plays briefly as she dances back to her seat.

Fashion Fairy steps forward, she walks across the stage, flicks a scarf over her shoulder and says “I, am fashion fairy”, she looks the Christmas fairy up and down adjusts something on her costume and stands back “that’s better, sometimes you just need that final touch”.

Another catwalk across the stage she selects another scarf and walks back to her seat.

Flower fairy comes forward with 2 flowers; she gives one to Christmas fairy and one to the teacher. “I am the flower fairy; I love flowers and everything that grows”. She throws petals in the air as she returns to her seat.

The tooth fairy steps forward, “I am the tooth fairy, I have a very important job and because I work nights I tend to get a little sleepy during class”. With that a lullaby plays, she yawns, stretches and falls asleep as she stands.

(The next fairy leads her back to her seat).

As this fairy comes to centre stage, there plays, “The hands that do dishes can be soft as you face, with mild green fairy liquid.”

“I have my own commercial, I can be red, lilac or yellow but today I chose to be green.”

The song plays again as she puts on rubber gloves on her way back to her seat.

The boys at the back of the class make sick (silent) motions as the girls say how nice they are and pretend to throw paper planes etc.

Teacher “Now boys, introduce yourselves nicely.”

They come to the front of the stage and jostle for position at the front of the stage.

“Our names are Denis and Menace, we had a dog but we can’t bring him to school any more because he causes more trouble than we do. We are pixies but because there are not many of us, we have to go to school with the girls. Now we have another one!!!”

They return to their seat, pretending to pull the hair of the girls on route.

The little fairy steps forward, “It’s lovely to meet you all, my name is Holly the Christmas fairy and I bring Christmas every year on the 25th December”.

Chorus of children “What’s Christmas?”

“Don’t you know what Christmas is? Oh it’s a lovely time, of color and fun, of party and dance, of eating and dressing up. There are special decorations and trees are brought into the house with holly and mistletoe. Families get together and friends celebrate.”

Together “That sounds wonderful, can we do it every week?”

No, it’s only once a year and because it’s so special we celebrate the birth of Jesus”.

Together “We don’t know anything about Christmas or Jesus”.

Holly looks sad.

Together “Please tell us”.

They all sit in a circle half facing Holly as she rests on a table top and begins her story:-

A long time ago in the world of man, a very special child was born, his parents had traveled a long way to the land of their fathers but Mary was heavily pregnant and the journey was long and hard.

When they arrived at Bethlehem, so many people were there that there was no room for them and they took shelter in a stable with the animals. 

In this place a baby was born, Jesus. But this was no ordinary baby, Jesus is the son of God, put on the earth to show us the way to our heavenly father.

That night angels came to shepherds in the fields and sang with great joy. A star shone bright in the sky and led 3 wise men to the new family, where they bowed down and prayed.

But this is just the beginning of the story, although his life on earth brought sadness, at the same time it brought the greatest joy. Because of Jesus, all who believe can be forgiven and he is the way to everlasting life.

Chorus of “WOW”

Holly said “I told you it was a good story, this is why we celebrate his birth in such a joyful way, we exchange gifts spend time with family and friends and have a party!”

Disco the party fairy stands up “well that’s for me, I love a party”.

The teacher agrees and a celebration is planned.

The 2 pixies get interested when they hear there will be gifts and they know party means food and lemonade, maybe sweets and chocolates and that’s for them too. They whisper between them, “But what if those pesky girls eat all the food, they need to make plans!”

The teacher has a note pad and calls them one by one and tares off a page for each child:

Lollypop fairy, you can bring the sweets and lemonade.
Flower fairy, you can bring the Christmas tree.
Fashion fairy, you are in charge of the decorations.
Fairy liquid, instead of washing the dishes you can fill them, you can prepare the turkey.
Tooth fairy, you can bring the Christmas pudding and don’t forget the coin inside.
Sugar, you can bring the mince pies. 
And Disco, you are in charge of the games and music.

Together the girls say to Holly, “what are you going to bring?”
Holly said it was a surprise, a nice surprise.

The girls scatter off stage, the teacher says “boys, you can write the cards and invitations, we are going to have a party!!” she leaves the stage.

The boys stand centre stage and look a bit cross.

“Writing cards and invitations sounds like homework to me, why do we get all the boring jobs!”

“I know” says Denis to Menace, “let’s tell them to come at the wrong time, that way we can finish all the good stuff before they come”.

“Yes, those pesky girls spend too long getting ready anyway”.

So they wrote on a large card:-

HAPPY CHRISTMAS, you are invited to the school rooms on 25th December at 2pm. Please have everything delivered by 11.30 in advance of the party.

“That should give us 2 and half hours to eat up anything worth eating before they arrive!” 

The boys move forward and the curtains close. (Behind the curtain the scene changes to a party scene).

The girls come past the boys one by one with their contribution and pass them through the curtain.

A Christmas song plays (Shakin Stevens were gonna have a party tonight)

Each child comes on stage and dances in front of the curtain, until they are all there, then run off to get ready for the party. 

The boys then furtively peep through the curtain and go through to collect their booty. They return with cardboard cut outs of their treats, they sit on the table at the side of the stage and arrange their stolen booty.

Turkey, Pudding, Tree, Presents, Garland and sweets.

They try something but it’s all wrong!

“This tree doesn’t look the same and this Turkey tastes like cardboard.”

“So does this chocolate!”

They look miserable.

Holly pops her head from behind the curtains, “oh boys, what are you up too?”

“This Christmas isn’t up to much, not nearly as much fun as you said”.

“That’s because you forgot the most important part” said Holly.

“But we have the food, the sweets and we even have a tree”.

Holly explained that they had forgotten a very special guest, they hadn’t invited Jesus, He’s what makes the party special.

“Come on boys, come to THE BEST PARTY EVER!”

Together they take the cardboard off stage and a few moments later the curtains open on a party scene with party poppers and music and dancing.

The fairies, the pixies and the teacher all party and the song “all I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey” is played and everyone joins in.

As they sing the song, Holly enters and places a Nativity scene on the table at the front of the stage and lights a candle.

Copyright 2009 Karen Brown
Christchurch Hengrove Bristol England

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