Jesus, As A Boy
by Gail Peterson


Gail writes, "I do the children's sermons at my church, Grace Lutheran Church, St. Charles. My puppet is "Gabby", a pink flamingo. In this particular skit, Gabby is most interested in what Jesus was like as a boy. Gabby wonders what Jesus' mother thought he would grow up to be. This skit can be performed anytime of year, shortly after Christmas, or even perhaps on Mother's Day. This skit does require singing by the puppet and a "dad." I've performed this skit already at my church. It was very well received. The puppet doesn't have to have a perfect voice either....kind of makes more inspiring having the puppet sing along. However, it does help to have the "dad" have a good voice to sing with the puppet. Our church choir already had the music and we just used a piano."


Purpose: All mothers’ wonder what their children will grow up to be. But this puppet wonders what Jesus’ mother, Mary, thought He would grow up to be.

 Pastor, Puppet,  Dad with good singing voice


(Puppet & Dad will sing. This skit should be performed as part of  “children’s sermon.” Pastor sits on the floor with kids in front of the puppet stage, and a stool and microphone by the stage for “Dad.”)



Puppet: Good Morning, Pastor. Ahhh, Pastor? I need a technical advisor.


Pastor: A technical advisor?  For what, (puppet name)?


Puppet: For something rather technical, Pastor. That’s what a technical advisor does.


Pastor: Okay! What kind of technical problems are you having, (puppet name)?


Puppet: Well, … I have some technical questions about kids….


Pastor: Ahhh, (puppet name)…what technical advisor did you have in mind?


Puppet: Well, (insert Mr. dad’s name)…. (Mr. dad’s name), could you come up here? (dad comes up front and sits on the stool)


Pastor: Well,  (puppet name)…I could help you talk about kids!


Puppet: Yeah, but (Mr. dad’s name) knows about kids, too. And besides, he sings way better than you do.


Pastor: What does singing have to do with kids?


Puppet: You’ll just have to trust me.


Pastor: Oh, boy…..


Puppet: Thanks,  (Mr. dad’s name). Now, I have a few things I’m a little worried about.


Dad:  (Puppet name)…what can I help you with?


Puppet:  Baby Jesus and the Rugrats.


Dad: Rugrats….the cartoon? Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Phil & Lil….sure I know about them.


Puppet: See, Pastor…I told you I needed a technical advisor! …. Well, (Mr. dad’s name),  do you think when Jesus was a little boy…he was like the Rugrats … I mean, they usually get into all kinds of mischief.


Dad: Well,  (puppet name)….you’re right, the Rugrats get into all kinds of trouble.  Most kids do…I’m sure you got into trouble, huh?


Puppet: Me…..well…..


Pastor: I’ve got a few stories (Mr. dad’s name), like the time (puppet name) went swimming in the baptismal font…or when (puppet name) left sardines in my desk drawer … in July…when it was 99 degrees….


Puppet: Oh, thanks, Pastor!


Pastor: Just trying to help….


Dad: (Puppet name), I prefer to call them situations….not trouble and yes, all kids do get into situations but that’s part of growing up….experiencing new things.


Puppet: So…do you think when Jesus was a little boy he stuffed his clothes under his bed or maybe forgot to throw the trash out for a couple of weeks or maybe left a fish or two under his bed?


Dad:  Maybe,  but you know what, (puppet name)….like I said, those situations are part of growing up. As parents, we try to teach our children how to take care of themselves, help others, be kind to each other, love and respect each other; building a good foundation.


Puppet: So his mother, Mary would have taught him all that stuff, huh? But do you think she wondered what he would do when he grew up?


Dad: Well  (puppet name), Jesus was the Son of God. And perhaps He may have left His clothes under His bed a time or two  but….well … YOU and I both know what happened to baby Jesus.


Puppet: But, (Mr. Dad’s name) … did his mother, Mary, know?

     * Music cues up: “Mary, Did You Know?"


Dad: I know a song that just might help out….you can help me (puppet name).


Puppet Name:  All-righty!


Dad: Begins to sing song.

Puppet: Puppet chimes in singing along occasionally. Then finishes in duet form.

Song ends.


Puppet:  Need we say more?


Pastor:  I think you’ve both said it all!


Copyright 2002 Gail Peterson


* “Mary, Did You Know” Words by Mark Lowry; Music by Buddy Greene; Choral Setting by Jack Schrader. (Editor's note: words could not be printed here without obtaining copyright approval.)

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