A Cana Wedding
by Helen Setser


I distributed "wedding invitations" the week before I planned to teach the marriage at Cana. The following week the kids acted out the skit, which I wrote to convey the idea of how a wedding might have occurred in Bible-times. 

Invitation: Aaron and Rebecca request your presence at the wedding of our son Jahaz, and Leah, daughter of Ethan and Ruth.

Time: 11 a.m. next Sunday morning.

Where: "Cana of Galilee," in Children's Church.



Aaron--It is time our son, Jahaz, is married. What do you think of Ethan’s girl, Leah?

Rebecca—Oh, I think she would be a good wife for him!

Aaron—I believe I will go right now and talk to Ethan about it.

(Go to Ethan’s house and pretend to knock)

Ethan—Oh, hello, Aaron! Come in.

(Both walk back a few steps)

Aaron—My son is needing a wife and we thought Leah would be a good one for him. What do you think?

Ethan—(Act like you are thinking. Rub your chin) Why, yes, I do believe that would be alright.

Aaron—What about the bride's price?

Ethan—(thinking again) How about 18 pieces of silver?

(Son comes to stand by mother)

Aaron—I will go tell my son.

(Goes home) 

Aaron—(to son) Ethan and I have decided Leah would be a good wife for you. What do you think?

Jahaz—Leah? Yes! How much is the bride price?

Aaron—18 pieces of silver.

(Son gets bag and counts out 18 pieces of silver and goes to Ethan’s house and knocks on door.)

Ethan—Well, hello, young man!

Jahaz—Here is the bride’s price” (goes home)

(Give narrator time to explain days, weeks or even a year may pass during this time)

(Bride put on veil. You and your friends step out so you can be seen)

(Give a light stick and break it so it will glow, and also the horns to the groom's "friends")

Jahaz and his friends make a parade to the bride’s house.

All of the “men” - A bride! A bride!

(Now blow horns)

(Bride and friends join the groom and friends and make a parade back to his house where all pretend to eat and drink)


(Serve grape Kool Aid and small cakes to all.)

Copyright 2008 Helen Setser

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