The Christmas Caravan

Drama for Children's Ministry | by Richard Ruddle

Matthew 2: 2-12, Luke 2:1-12

Narrator: Male, dressed in period middle east attire.
Camel 1: Hassen Bin Wurkin, (Hassen) Balthasarís camel. 
Camel 2: Ali Bígolly (Ali) Melchiorís camel. 
Camel 3: Benjamin, aka Bin-Jammin, (Bin) Casperís camel. 

3- Baseball caps decorated to simulate Camel faces
1- Captainsí Bars for Hansenís cap.
3- Brown Turtleneck Sweaters for camels
Optional - simulated humps for camels. One hump for Bin and two each for the others. 
3- Dark trousers for camels 
1- Oversized sun glasses for Bin-Jamminí
Robe, headpiece and sandals for Narrator

Oasis at caravan crossroads just outside Bethlehem. Simulated palm trees, 
plants and pen for the camels

Narrator: (Enters) It is Christmas time and the three camels that carried the Magi to Bethlehem for the first Noel have come together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of that event. Let me briefly reintroduce the three camels. (Each camel enters to center stage and faces audience while Narrator makes introductory remarks, then walks back to pen while others are introduced).

Camel 1: Hassen Bin Wurkin known now, as ďHassenĒ was Balthasarís camel. He is the oldest of the three camels and has been retired from active service as ďCaravan CommanderĒ by his owner. He now lives a life of ease and comfort as ďCommander EmeritusĒ with his own camel herd. 

Camel 2: Ali BíGolly (Ali) was Melchiorís camel. He was the middle camel. He briefly worked for the ďCamels Are UsĒ Rental Company and is now self-employed as a consultant for a leading camel caravan service. 

Camel 3: Benjamin, aka Bin-Jammin, (Bin) was Casperís camel, Bin is a dromedary (a one-humped camel bred for speed and racing). He is the youngest of the three, a free spirit and has lived vicariously over the years. Recently his ďDesert RockĒ group has gained both wealth and popularity entertaining travelers en-route to the Holy Land.

They have not seen one another since the Magi returned to their respective homelands so many years ago. During the interim, many changes have taken place in the world and each of their lives. Each has grown older and hopefully wiser. They have returned to Bethlehem for one last time to share their memories of that fateful trip and the wonders they had witnessed. Letís listen in to their conversation. (Exits)

Hassen: You know fellas, I didnít think much of this reunion idea at first. I spent a lot of time deciding if I wanted to make the journey again at my age. Now, Iím glad that I decided to come.

Ali: Me too! It was a lot easier this time without that 350 pound Melchior on my back. With all of the gold and heavy gifts he was carrying, it took all the energy I had to get us here. Hassen, what have you been doing since we last caravanned together?

Hassen: Since I have been retired from public life, I spend most of my time lying around resting, eating, being groomed and catered to by the members of my herd. I do travel occasionally when the urge strikes me: no cost of course. I have my own stable, lots of staff to do the work, plenty to eat, healthcare and dental services provided, Iím set for the rest of my life while others pander and support me.

Bin: Youíre a politician! Ha-Ha! I always knew you would run for office one day!

Hassen: Itís good to be the Commander! (Points to gold bars on cap). Tell us Bin, what have you done since we last met?

Bin: Oh, I drifted for a while and joined up with a troop of Gypsies traveling the countryside. I learned a lot about music and dance from them. Weíd sit around the campfires at night, play music and take turns entertaining one another. I do a pretty mean two-step for a camel along with impressions of famous people, sing some too. You know my real name is Benjamin, but now I pronounce it ďBin-JamminĒ cause thatís what I do.

Hassen: How about you, Ali?

Ali: Right now, I do consulting for a camel caravan service. When a large caravan is planned, they call on me to teach the new camels how to march, follow in a straight line and develop their leadership skills. Our motto is, ďThe view is always best when you are the lead camel.Ē

Bin: I can testify to that. Being the youngest camel, I always was last in line. Just imagine how things looked from my perspective! I had speed and ambition. Thatís why I always tried so hard. 

Ali: I guessed as much when we re coming here the first time. I was second in line behind Hassen with you following me. You kept crowding me trying to get ahead on the narrow trail. I mentioned it to Hassen one time and he asked me to look back at you and tell him what I saw. I told him you were speeding up and following real close. Your nostrils were flared, tongue was sticking out, left ear bent to the side and your eye was blinking. Hassen asked me which eye was blinking, right or left? I told him, ďLeft.Ē He said, Yep! Better get ready, heís signaling to pass!

Bin: And I did too, but Hassen ordered me back to my original place. Itís hard for a one- humper (points to back) to get ahead in the caravan game!

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Hassen: The thing I remember is following that big shiny star. Navigation was easy after dark. All I had to do was keep my eyes glued to the star. I used that idea to create my own system of navigation. I call it ďOn-StarĒ. 

Bin: Thatís catchy! You may be on to something there.

Hassen: Balthasar couldnít see very well so he kept guiding me off the trail during the daylight hours. Remember? 

Ali: I sure do. I know you havenít forgotten how he mistook that line of Roman Chariots for the caravan and lined us up behind them.

Hassen: Iíll never forget it. I tried to get us back on course but he was determined to follow them. My sides still ache from his kicks when
I think about it.

Ali: Suddenly, we found ourselves at the local arena in the middle of a chariot race desperately running for our lives! We were on the third lap before Balthasar realized what was going on. 

Hassen: I was totally spent, but we had to finish the race before he could get us out of there. 

Bin: Yeah, my tongue was hanging out, (proudly) but I won third place!

Hassen & Ali: We know! We know!

Hassen: It was a long and difficult journey, cold at night and sweltering in the daytime.

Ali: There were a lot of hills too! Sometimes I wondered why our riders were so determined to get to Bethlehem.

Bin: Thatís what that King Herod wanted to know wasnít it? Remember, how he kept us at his palace while they tried to get that information? 

Ali: Fortunately, Balthasar and the others were suspicious and managed to sneak us out of there after dark.

Ali: (Speaks to Bin) Remember the following night at the oasis when our riders began to unsaddle us and settle down for the night? (Bin looks puzzled but no response). You remember donít you? Balthasar refused to dismount and said he wanted to check out the area. He rode me around for quite a while and stopped to talk to several people. Thatís when I found out he couldnít remember how to unfasten his seat belt and was too embarrassed to ask Casper or Melchior for help. (Pause) A passing shepherd finally released him and we came back to camp.

Bin: I always wondered what that was all about.

Hassen: Iíll never forget our arrival in Bethlehem the following night. The star led us to a manger where a human child had been born. 

Bin: Made me wonder too. I thought they were looking to find a King like Herod, not a baby. But I was glad to have all of those heavy gifts off my back. 

Ali: Do you remember how peaceful and quiet it was when we arrived? There was a sense of something wonderful in the air. It was like some great event had taken place and we were the only ones allowed to see what had occurred.

Hassen: I felt that too. I remember the great joy that our riders showed when they first saw the child. It was as if that baby was the most priceless jewel they had ever encountered.

Hassen: I surely did. I was close enough to hear them talking. They spoke how the birth of this child had been foretold and that he was born to be a savior for his people.

Bin: Did you see the tears in their eyes when they knelt down and offered their gifts to him?

Ali: I sure didÖand donít forget the shepherds. They kept coming in a few at a time to worship the child. Oh, do you remember singing? I was certain there were shepherds or some others, singing words of praise. Must have been my imagination.

Ali: I heard Melchior say that this child was a King and would bring peace and love to the whole world. Thatís quite an accomplishment for so small a child.

Bin: Thatís for sure. I wondered what the Romans and King Herod would have to say about that.

Hassen: Remember, a few days later when they were preparing us to leave for our trip home? As evening approached, Balthasar took a short nap so he would be rested when we started home after dark. 

Ali: Thatís when he had that dream isnít it?

Hassen: Thatís right. I heard him telling the others that he had a dream that warned him not to return to tell King Herod about the child.

Ali: Oh, so thatís why we took a different route going home. They we afraid Herod might harm the child out of jealousy.

Hassen: Right. It wasnít until we were preparing to separate and head for our own lands that we heard about Herodís terrible orders to slay all the young children.

Bin: That caused great sorrow in the land for a long time, Thatís one of the reasons I traveled around so much. It took my mind off such things. But you know, the childís followers never lost faith. They still believe that some day soon he will return to keep all the promises foretold in their scriptures.

Ali: I believe that too. (All nod in agreement)

Bin: Wouldnít it wonderful if that child born in a manger really could come to be the Savior of the Jews, Gentiles and ultimately the world as our owners believed? 

Ali: It would indeed. Imagine a place of peace and love. A place without, cruelty, wars or hunger. A place where all creatures, even camels, would be blessed. (All nod in agreement).

Hassen: We have many things to think about and it is getting late. Letís call it a night and get some sleep. We can talk some more in the morning. (All begin to settle in for the night).

Narrator: (Enters) And so Hassen, Ali and Ben fell asleep. Each of them dreaming of the wonders that might come if only the world would accept and believe the promise of that child born in a manger so many years ago. Itís not too late for each of us to accept him and witness the miracle of his love. Will you follow the star and take him into your heart?

The End

Copyright 2009 Richard Ruddle 

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