What's Christmas All About? 

Puppet Play | By Maurice Sweetsur

Maurice writes, "When I do puppet plays, I usually record the script beforehand - using different 'character' voices, and then play it back while children operate the (glove) puppets. This way I am able to 'watch' the entire group, and also have a puppet/human dialogue if required. For this play, you will need one animal (I use a sheep) and four 'human' puppets. Write the word 'Christmas' on a large piece of paper, and display it in a prominent position."

Host. Today we are going to ask the very important question "What is Christmas all about?" But firstly, let me introduce you to my panel of guests. Let's give a big welcome for my first guest - Miss know it all.

Miss Know it all. Thank you for inviting me onto your show. I am Miss know it all, so you only have to ask me the question, because I know everything.

Host. Well, we will see about that a little later. But secondly, let me introduce Mr. Don't know a lot.

Mr. Don't know a lot. Don't be fooled by my name, because actually I know heaps and heaps of things. So ask me the question, and I will give you the right answer.

Host. Thank you Mr. Don't Know a lot. Our next guest is Mr. Remember well.

Mr. Remember well. As you can tell by my name, I remember everything. So ask me the question, and I will give you the answer.

Host. Thank you Mr. Remember well. Our final guest is Mr. Shaun the sheep. Say "hello" Shaun.

Shaun. Baa, Baa.

Host. Thank you Shaun, If we have time, I will ask Shaun his opinion, but really I don't think he will be much help at all. The question then is "What is Christmas all about?" I am going to save us all some time because I know the answer myself. Christmas is all about money. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but only because Mary and Joseph had to go there to register to pay their taxes to Caesar. So that's the answer - Money. That's why my mum and dad are always complaining what an expensive time of the year Christmas is with so many presents to buy. But, to be fair, I will ask my guests if they have any other opinions. Miss Know it all. Do you know what Christmas is all about?

Miss Know it all. I certainly do. It's not about money you silly old fool. Christmas is all about Food. When Jesus was born, he was placed in a Manger - which is a cattle's eating trough. So that is why people eat so much at Christmas, like Turkey, Christmas pudding and lots of chocolate. So that's the answer to your question - Food.

Host. Thank you Miss Know it all. Remind me not to invite you back on my show. Now, Mr. Don't know a lot, do you know what Christmas is all about?

Mr. Don't know a lot. Well, it's not about money or food. No, Christmas is all about Singing. After Jesus was born, Angels appeared to some Shepherds and they began to sing "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men." So that is the answer - Singing. That is why groups go out carol singing today.

Host. Thank you Mr. Don't know a lot. That was certainly a very "interesting" answer. Mr. Remember well. Do you remember what Christmas is all about? 

Mr. Remember well. I certainly do. You should have asked me first, because I remember the answer to the question. Christmas is all about Presents. After Jesus was born, some wise men brought gifts of gold, incense and myrrh to Him. That is why people exchange gifts at Christmas today. So the answer is Presents.

Host. Thank you Mr. Remember well. Finally, I suppose we should ask our last guest Shaun the sheep if he has any opinion. Shaun. Do you know what Christmas is all about?

Shaun. Baa. Baa.

Host. Come along Shaun, give us your answer.

Shaun. Baa. Baa. I need a volunteer to help me.

Self. (Holding up your hand). I will be your volunteer Shaun. My hand was the first to be raised. What would you like me to do?

Shaun. Do you see that paper with "Christmas" written on it?

Self. Yes, I see it.

Shaun. Write out the fourth and fifth letters.

Self. ok. (Counting and writing). I have done that Shaun. What next?

Shaun. Now write out the first six letters.

Self. (Counting and writing) I have done that as well Shaun.

Shaun. That is the answer to our question - "Christmas is Christ."
(You may then wish to conclude by recapping on what Christmas is and what Christmas is not all about.)

Copyright 2003 Maurice Sweetsur 

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