Dry Bones 

Bible Skit based on Ezekiel 37:1-14

Bethany: I'm so sick of Halloween decorations. You should see what my neighbor has up--gravestones, and witches, and skeletons everywhere. I can't walk down the sidewalk without getting caught in some of those fake cotton cobwebs.

Lenny: Sounds nasty. Don't worry, though--they'll come down soon. 'Tis the season for tacky Halloween decorations to be replaced by tacky Christmas decorations. Hey--d'ja know I found a skeleton story in the Bible? 

Bethany: No way!

Lenny: Way! Back in the Old Testament part, God gave this guy, Ezekiel, visions to help him understand stuff.

Bethany: Is that like Jesus using stories to explain stuff?

Lenny: Sort of.

Bethany: So--is this skeleton story scary? My mom doesn't let me listen to scary stories.

Lenny: Nope. It's actually pretty cool.

Bethany: Okay, then--let me hear it. 

Lenny: Well, in one of Ezekiel's visions, God picked him up and put him down in a valley that was full of bones.

Bethany: What kind of bones?

Lenny: People bones.

Bethany: Uggh! Gross!

Lenny: Well, yeah, I guess so. Anyway, God asked Ezekiel if those bones could be alive.

Bethany: What did Ezekiel say?

Lenny: He was pretty smart--he answered "O Lord God, only you know."

Bethany: I should try that line with my teachers.

Lenny: Here comes the cool part. God told Ezekiel to say to the bones, "O dry bones, hear the word of the Lord."

Bethany: Talk to bones? That's pretty weird. I'd hate to sit next to Ezekiel at Thanksgiving. Does he talk to his turkey bones, too?

Lenny: (Sigh.) Anyway--Ezekiel did what God asked, talked to the bones, and the scattered skeleton bones came together again.

Bethany: No way!

Lenny: Way! But that's not the end of the story. Then God said, "I will put muscles and skin on those bones, and I will breathe life into those bodies so they can live again." Doesn't that sound cool?

Bethany: What's so cool about that? Sounds creepy to me.

Lenny: It's a picture-story to show us what God can do for us and for our friends. When we don't have Jesus in our heart, we're just like old, dry bones with no hope to look forward to. We need the Word of God and His breath to become strong and alive with hope.

Bethany: Hey--we can find God's Word in the Bible!

Lenny: Yup. And He breathes in us through His Holy Spirit. 

Bethany: Hmmm. I never heard a skeleton story that ended with hope like that before. I'm gonna go home and tell my neighbors about that one. Maybe I won't mind the skeletons so much now, Bye!

Lenny: Hey, kids, let's sing a song about those old, dry, bones.

Here's the version of the Dry Bones song I like: 
(Ezekiel cried Dem Dry Bones/Ezekiel cried Dem Dry Bones/Ezekiel cried Dem Dry Bones/Now hear the word of the Lord! Dem Bones, Dem Bones gonna walk around/Dem Bones, Dem Bones gonna walk around/Dem Bones, Dem Bones gonna walk around/Now hear the word of the Lord!)

Copyright 2003 Dana Gagnon

Check out this YOUTUBE version of the Dry Bones Song.

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