Easter Morning

Skit for Children's Ministry | By Faith Scott

Characters: Katy, Elizabeth, Hannah, Kerry, Sarah, various extra actors.

Setting: A home in Jesusí time. Everyone is sitting around. Have older women and other children busy, like they are sewing or doing something. Girls and older woman have shawls over their heads.

Katy: Why did they kill Jesus? What did he do that was so wrong?

Elizabeth: He was so nice, it makes me sad.

Katy: Remember when he raised Uncle Lazarus from the grave? Mary and Martha were so happy. It was wonderful.

Hannah: All he did was to be kind and heal people, remember when he healed the blind man?

Kerry: And he told us such interesting stories.

Elizabeth: What will his disciples do now - what will we do?

Katy: Why did they kill him? He didnít do anything.

Hannah: Jesus didnít do anything wrong. The people were listening to Jesus and the religious leaders got jealous. Jesus was telling us about loving each other and not just about strict laws. Jesus really cared about people. The religious leaders didnít like him saying he was the Son of God, so they killed him.

(Sarah comes in carrying a pitcher.)

Sarah: Guess what I heard at the well?

Everyone: What Sarah?

Sarah: Some people said that Jesusí tomb was open. That the guards had fallen asleep or something.

Katy: Iím going out for a while.

Sarah: Do you think someone might take Jesusí body if the tomb is open? Heís dead - who would want to take his body?

Elizabeth: Hannah, do you believe Jesus was the Son of God?

Hannah: Yes, I know he was. I had a terrible disease, no one could help cure me and when I touched his garment, I believed he could heal me, and I was healed immediately! Yes, I know he was the Son of God. He was the most wonderful person I have ever known! I will always remember the love in his eyes when he looked at me.

Katy: (Rushing in all excited.) Guess what? Jesus is alive, I saw Him! I went to the garden where the tomb is, I saw Mary Magdalene talking to Jesus, I was hiding behind a bush and I made a noise and Jesus turned and looked at me and smiled...He is alive! I ran here to tell you all. Isnít it great!

Everyone: Heís alive?

Katy: Yes, He is alive!

Hannah: Praise God, He is the Son of God, just like he said.

(Elizabeth and Kerry join hands and dance around.)

Everyone sings, ĎChrist The Lord Is Risen Todayí.

Copyright 2000 Faith Scott - All Rights Reserved
Not to be used for commercial reproduction without consent.

(Read the Bible story for yourself: Luke 23:44-56 through Luke 24:1-12)

Copyright 2000 Faith Scott

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