The Easter Bunny's Story

The Real Story of Easter | by Diana Brown

Diana writes, "As I was beginning my Sunday school lessons leading up to the Easter story, I asked the children in my class, 'Who can tell me exactly why we have Easter?' 

I expected maybe a couple of the smaller children to mention the "Easter Bunny" mostly from ones who were not regular in attendance. Well, I did not have one child that said the first thing about Jesus in their answer! I was so hurt to think that they did not know the real meaning. I thought, 'my work is surely cut out for me!' I prayed for God to give me something that would help them to understand more and that they would not forget after Easter was over. Needless to say, my Lord gave me an idea that I think will help so many others, and I would like to share it with you." 

Actors: Teacher, Older Child #1 and Older Child #2, Someone dressed as an Easter Bunny. (The rest of the boys and girls will sit around the cross and listen to the actors put on the skit.)

Set up: In Sanctuary have a large cross set up with red stains on it, the Easter bunny will need an Easter basket filled with eggs and a cross in each one. (See below.)

Teacher: We are going on a trip to the Sanctuary to see a cross this Easter. Because this is where our opportunity to become a Christian began. Jesus died on a cross and rose on the third day just like He promised, so that we can be forgiven. This is how God took our sins away.

Older child #1: "I always thought that Easter was about the bunny and hiding eggs. That's what we have always done! It is so much fun!"

Older child #2: "Yes, that's all we've ever done at Easter!"

Older child #1:"Does Jesus dye eggs too?"

Teacher: "No, that is not what Jesus does. Why do you ask?"

Older child #1: "Well, all this red stuff on the cross and on the floor, made me wonder if He might have spilled some of his egg dye."

Teacher: "That is not dye, that it is His blood that He shed for us because He loves us so.
(Begin to read the real Easter story, when in comes the Easter Bunny.)

Easter Bunny: (Hops in with a basket filled with plastic eggs.) "I am sorry to intrude here, but I could not help but over hear your conversation and I wonder if you would let me tell these children the real Easter Story? I would never want them to think it's all about me!"

Teacher: "Yes, please do."

Easter Bunny: Boys and girls, the Bible tells us that everyone sins. That means we do wrong things. The Bible also tells us that our sins must be punished, and because we sin, we cannot go to Heaven and be with God unless our sins are washed away. Do you know that God loves us so much that he sent his only Son to come and take on our punishment? The punishment that we deserved, Jesus took for you and me when he was crucified on the cross! He washed our sins away! Isn't this great news, boys and girls? But the really Good News is that Jesus didn't remain on the cross! He is not still dead! He rose from the dead three days later so that we can live in Heaven forever and ever with God! The day Jesus rose from the dead is the day we call Easter, and this is why we celebrate it, boys and girls! 

Do you now understand why we celebrate Easter? 

Older Child #1 and #2: "Yes!"

Easter Bunny: "I'm glad you finally know the truth." (Begins to leave...)

Teacher: "Thank you for telling us the real story of Easter! Bye!"

Easter Bunny: "Always remember that I was not the one who was crucified for you, it was Jesus. But, before I go, I would like to give each of you a little gift that will always help you remember what I have told you today." (Distributes a plastic egg from the basket to each child. Inside each egg is a little cross*.) 

Copyright 2001 Diana Brown 

P.S. "The skit went GREAT last night! I thank God for the impact it had. The children now understand more, for sure, the real meaning of Easter! They really loved the bunny too! He did not practice it with us for the reason that we felt he would have more impact and when he entered, the children's faces were hysterical! Thanks for allowing me to share this with you! I pray it will help someone else to understand the TRUE meaning of Easter." Diana Brown

*To make the crosses for the plastic eggs: We used sticks from outside to make our crosses and held them together with jute and hot glue at the crossing point. I also added some 1/2 inch purple ribbon as the scarlet garment on the cross and added a crown of thorns made from covering a small piece of floral wire with brown floral tape & glued it to the little crosses. 

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