Ewe Said It!

A Christmas Skit For Children | by Richard Ruddle

Biblical References : Psalm 23:1-6 

Setting: The stable in Bethlehem where Jesus was born.

Time: Several generations after the 1st Christmas.

Ewe: The elderly Matriarch of the flock of sheep that reside in the fields adjacent to the stable where Jesus was born.
Ram: Elder and protector of the flock 
3 Lambs (Speaking Parts): The Grandchildren of Ewe and Ram
3-4 Lambs (Non-Speaking parts - OPTIONAL)
2 Hired Shepherd(s): 

Scene: A manger on the hill behind the Inn in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. It is the month of December and the nights are getting colder. The Spring Lambs are now several months old and are huddled inside the manger anxiously awaiting Ewe, who is coming to share the legend of the Good Shepherd with them. This rite of passage is the custom of the flock for Spring Lambs, before they become full members of the flock. 

Lamb-1 (Female): I'm so excited! I just can't wait until Ewe gets here.

Lamb-2 (Female): I know! I've got butterflies too!

Lamb-3 (Male): Just think, this is the last step before we become full members of the flock, just like the adults! 

Lamb-2: I hope she gets here soon. I don't think I can wait much longer.

Lamb-1: I've heard stories about the Good Shepherd from my Grandma, but just little bits and pieces.

Lamb-: Me too! I can't wait to hear more. I know the Good Shepherd must be wonderful!

Lamb-3: I know about the shepherds that are supposed to take care of us now and they don't seem to be so terrific! The man who owns the flock doesn't seem to care about us very much either.

Lamb-1: Sometimes wolves howl and come around at night. Maybe that's why he hired those men to take care of us instead of doing it himself. I get scared too!

Lamb-2: Those men have big staffs and things to protect themselves but we have no protection at all! The wolves could catch us and eat us!

Lamb-3: Sometimes the men forget to feed us or give us water and I get so hungry! How can I get to be a big, strong Ram if they don't take care of us?

Lamb-2: My Mother told me that I must listen to the Ewe's story and believe with my whole heart. She said that if I trust and believe in the Good Shepherd, he will come to our flock one day and we will all be saved.

Lamb-1: We all hope that's true!

Lamb-3: Our flock has been waiting for the Good Shepherd for such a long time. I don't think he's ever coming! 

Lamb-1: Look (peering into the distance). I see Ram and Ewe coming across the pasture now. Maybe she can give us answers to our questions.

Lamb-3: I sure hope so.

Ram: (Enters and looks around with regal bearing, like someone clearly in charge). 

Lambs, I have brought Ewe, the elder of our flock to talk to you. She is very wise and has lived a long time. Her words are true. She will tell you more about our customs and beliefs. Listen to her carefully for each of you must learn the story and retell it to your own families when you are older. (Lambs eagerly turn toward the area where Ewe is waiting. Ram steps aside into the background so the lambs may concentrate on Ewe).

Ewe: (Makes eye contact with each of the lambs, speaks with loving tones slowly and clearly. The lambs sit up and pay rapt attention). My precious lambs. How good it is to see you and be able to tell you about our flock. The story I am about to tell you began many years ago when my Grandmother was the Elder of the flock. (Lambs listen attentively). 

Ewe: It was a cold night like this one and our flock was gathered together trying to keep warm. There was little food left for us in the field and the hired shepherd men were more interested in taking care of themselves. Late that night two of the hired men came to the manger and began to drive us out into the cold night. The two men spoke and this is what they said:

Hired Shepherd-1: Come on now you sheep, outside with you. We need this shelter for people, not worthless sheep. (Uses staff to prod sheep and kicks at them with his foot).

Hired Shepherd-2: It's kind of strange for the manager of the Inn to let people stay in the manger. He has never done that since I've worked here. (Helps prod sheep and push them outside).

Hired Shepherd-1: He told me that this was against his policy, but he felt compelled to do it. Seems that some traveler and his pregnant wife couldn't find room in the Inn and he felt sorry for them. The inn has been booked up ever since Caesar ordered everyone to return to the city of their birth to be taxed, but the manager never did this before.

Hired Shepherd-2: (Looks around at manger) At least it's out of the wind and the body heat from the animals will help keep them warm. I'll bet he charged them plenty for this shack!

Hired Shepherd-1: Probably. He never gives anything for nothing. Let's go back to the inn and tell the owner the travelers' room is ready (Both laugh, Yeah! Ha, Ha).

(Hired Shepherds leave).

Lamb-1: I bet the flock was scared with no shelter and no one to protect them.

Ewe: They were very much afraid and wondered what had caused the men to drive them away from their shelter. A little while later, the flock saw a man leading a small donkey approaching the manger. There was a woman wrapped tightly in her robes riding on the back of the donkey. She was going to have a baby. 

Ewe: The man piled the hay high inside the manger and placed a blanket on it for the woman to lie down. He lit a small campfire and they huddled together. The flock crowded near the shelter and got as close to the fire as they could.

Ewe: As they all tried their best to sleep, something strange and wonderful happened.

Lamb-3: I bet the Hired Men returned and made the humans move out of the flocks' shelter! 

Ewe: Something more surprising than that happened. The woman's baby had been delivered while the flock was sleeping. Suddenly there was a great light and the noise of people shouting. The Hired Shepherds had returned and they were kneeling in front of the manger facing the newborn child. Shining beings the men called "Angels" were singing and praising the child as if he was their King.

Ewe: My Grandmother was startled when all of a sudden she could hear and understand every thing that the men were saying. The baby that was born was to be a great King, a Counselor and Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd would always take care of his human flock. He would know which were his and the flock would know him and listen to his voice.

Lamb 1: What happened then?

Ewe: The Good Shepherd would always lead his flock to pastures full of green grass for grazing and plenty of sparkling water to drink.

Lamb-2: I wish I could go there! 

Ewe: The Good Shepherd would never hire others to tend His flock and He would always be there to protect them with his rod and staff. 

Lamb-3: If I was there I could help him protect the flock when I am fully-grown.

Ewe: My Grandmother said that the Good Shepherd would have many flocks and that He would bring them all together into one fold. She also said that He would always treat them with kindness and mercy.

Lamb-2: Would the flock stay with Him forever and never have to leave?

Ewe: That was His promise.

Lamb-1: Oh, I wish I could be a part of His flock.

Ewe: That is the most wonderful part of what happened. My Grandmother said that it was as if someone was speaking to her heart. The voice told her that if anyone believed in Him they could be a part of His flock. Then she said, the Good Shepherd would return one day to do all of the things He had promised.

Lamb-3: Does that mean we can be part of his flock too!

Ewe: Grandmother felt in her heart that the message she heard was meant for every one. When the Good Shepherd returns to gather his human flock and take them to the green pastures, they will surely take their sheep and we will be saved too. That is why each year I recount the story to the spring lambs so they too will believe.

Lambs: (In unison) We believe. We believe!

Ram: (Steps Forward) Our flock trusts and believes in the Good Shepherd. One day He will return and when He does we want to be ready for Him. So learn the story well and tell others. 

Ewe: Ram is right. He may come back at any time with no warning. We must all prepare to be members of His great flock. Now children, I must go. It is getting late and the long walk across the field is cold. So I will say, Good Night. (Exits slowly). Coming Ram?

Ram: I'm right behind you. Good night Spring Lambs. Sleep well and dream of green pastures and the Good Shepherd. (Exits)

Lambs: (In unison several times) We do believe in the Good Shepherd!

Lamb-2: I know it's true because, "Ewe said it!" (All agree)

Lamb-3: Let's all get to bed so we can start preparing for Him as soon as we get up in the morning.

Lambs: Yes, Let's do. (All lie down and Fall asleep)

The End.

Copyright 2006 Richard Ruddle - All Rights Reserved

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