Down on the Farm VBS

Puppet Skits and Songs | by Sandy Roe

 Down on the Farm VBS

Tilling the Soil - Puppet Show - Night 1 

(Songs listed below)

Scene: Bessie Cow is using a hoe to break up the dirt. 

Bessie: Land Sakes! I have been doing this for such an udderly long time! Whew! I am tired! (Continues to hit the dirt with hoe)

Enter Rufus Frog Hopping 

Rufus: Well, Hello there, Miss Bessie! What on earth are you doing?

Bessie: Hi, Rufus! I found this Seed, and I want to plant it, but the ground is too hard! So I am trying to break it up with this Hoe!

Rufus: Let me see that Seed! (Looks at seed carefully) Wow! That is a fine looking seed! Where did you find it? 

Bessie: I was grazing over there in the meadow beside the church this morning, and I found it under a tree.

Rufus: I wonder what kind of seed it is. 

Enter Prudence Pig singing a hymn (leaning on the everlasting arms)

Rufus: Good afternoon, Miss Prudence! How are you?

Prudence: Oh, My! Rufus, you scared me! I am just fine! Isn't it a glorious day that the Lord has made?!?

Bessie: Why, Yes it is, Prudence! 

Rufus: You know Miss Prudence might know what kind of seed this is. She goes to that church by the meadow where you found it, Miss Bessie.

Prudence: You found a Seed, Bessie? How exciting!

Bessie: Yes! This morning, I was grazing in the meadow by the church, when I found this beautiful seed. I want to plant it, but I can't seem to break up this hard soil. And we don't even know what kind of seed it is.

Prudence: May I see the Seed? (Takes the seed from Rufus and looks at it carefully) This is a very special seed! It is a Seed of Truth! It must have fallen out of someone's Bible!

Rufus: What is a Seed of Truth? 

Prudence: A Seed of Truth is a word from the Bible that is spoken or planted into someone's heart or soil. 

Bessie: Hmmmm, I don't think I understand. 

Prudence: Bessie, you can't plant this seed unless you break up the dirt, or till this soil, right?

Bessie: Right! 

Prudence: Well, your heart is like this soil. If your heart is hard, and you won't listen to the word of God, then the Seed of Truth cannot be planted in you. But, if your heart is open, or tilled, then you will listen to the words of Jesus, and the Seed of Truth can be planted in you!!

Rufus: OK!! So, tilling the soil is like getting ready to hear God's Word! 

Bessie: I see!! And tonight, we are going to hear about the first garden! Does anyone know what the first farmer's name was?

(Pause for Kids to guess.) If ADAM is guessed go to ***

Prudence: Can I give them a hint? (Pause) The name of his garden was Eden! 

(Pause for Kids to guess.) If ADAM is guessed go to ***

Rufus: His name was Adam! And we will learn all about him tonight! Have fun, and we will see you again later!! 

All: BYE!!

*** Rufus: You guessed it!! His name was Adam! And we will learn all about him tonight! Have fun, and we will see you again later!!

All: BYE!!

Planting the Seed Puppet Show - Night 2

(Songs listed below)

Scene: Rufus is in the barn telling about a great adventure. 

Rufus: . . . and then I jumped over this log and POW! In the water I went and all of the sudden I was scooped out by the farmer's son! He saved my life!

Bessie: Wow, Rufus! That is some story!

Wrinkles: Yep! Sounds like a fairy tale to me, Miss Bessie. I am going back to sleep.

Rufus: It isn't a fairy tale! Just because you weren't there, Mr. Wrinkles doesn't mean it didn't happen! Just ask Miss Prudence! She is always telling us stories about Jesus. And that we have to believe with . . . what's that word? 

Prudence: The word is Faith, Rufus! 

Wrinkles: Hog wash! 

Prudence: (snorts) I'll have you know I had a mud bath this morning!!

Bessie: Wrinkles, don't you believe in the Bible?

Wrinkles: I don't understand when I read the Bible. How can I believe if I don't understand?

Prudence: (whispers loudly to Rufus) Here is your chance to help plant the Seed of Truth! Remember what we have learned so far this week? That the Seed of Truth is the Word of God spoken or planted into someone's heart or soil. Go ahead, Rufus! Tell Mr. Wrinkles about Jesus! And invite him to church!!

Rufus: (clears throat) Well, Jesus was born in Bethlehem in a stable. And there were animals there. And he was the Son of God. He was really smart, and he never sinned! Not even once!! And He taught us to be good, and kind, and honest. But, then He died on a cross for our sins, so that we could go to heaven! Oh, and will you go to church with me this Sunday?

Wrinkles: (a little overwhelmed) Slow down, Rufus! 

Prudence: I'm sorry, Wrinkles. Rufus is new at this farming thing, and he is a little excited! Why don't you come to church this Sunday and our Pastor will help you understand more about the Bible! You see, only God can plant the Seed of Truth! 

Bessie: I am going to church this Sunday! I hear they have a new Pastor! His name is Brother Davis. 

Rufus: And bring Spot! He will love our Sunday School Teacher! 

Wrinkles: Hey, Spot, you want to go to church this Sunday?

Spot: Yeah, Dad! That would be COOL!! Can we go to Sunday School, too? 

Wrinkles: Well . . .

Bessie: Sunday School is a very important part of going to church!! We learn a lot about Jesus and it is really fun! The kids get to do crafts, and projects, and sometimes they even watch movies!! And they get to have a snack, too!

Wrinkles: OK, Spot. We can go to Sunday School!

Rufus: Tonight, Down on the Farm, we are going to learn about John the Baptist! You know, he baptized a lot of people, but did you know that he also planted a lot of Seeds of Truth by telling people about the coming of Jesus!! Have fun tonight, and we will meet you back here later!

All: BYE!!

Planting the Seed Puppet Show - Night 3

(Songs listed below)

Scene: Prudence Pig is busy cleaning in the barn. Humming "Bringing in the Sheaves."

Spot: What are you doing, Miss Prudence?

Prudence: I am busy cleaning up the barn, Spot. We are having company down on the farm today, and with all this rain we have been having, my place is a "pig sty"! (Looks at kids and laughs!) Get it? A PIG STY? (Laughs again!) 

Bessie: What is so funny, Miss Prudence?

Prudence: Oh, Nothing! (Laughs again!)

(Enters Darlene Duck, quacking loudly!)

Bessie: Why Hello there, Darlene Duck! We haven't seen you since Rufus was a Tad Pole!

Rufus: Did somebody say my name?

Darlene Duck: I hate the rain! Every time I come to visit, it rains! I wish it would never rain again!

Spot: I love the rain! I like to jump in the puddles, and roll around in the mud.

Prudence: Me, too, Spot! 

Rufus: Me, Three!

Darlene Duck: Well, not me! I like to be clean! I wish it would never rain again!

Bessie: Now, Darlene, we need rain! Why, without rain, we would have no flowers! 

Rufus: And no rainbows!!

Spot: And no MUD puddles!

Prudence: That's right! But most of all, we would have no food to eat! Think about that! Our crops would dry up and die without water! So, we should be thankful for the rain! Speaking of being thankful, I need all of your help getting this barn ready for our special guest!

Darlene Duck: I thought I was the special guest! See if I come to visit you again. (Grumbling to herself)

Prudence: Oh, Darlene, you are a special guest! But we have another special guest coming tonight! His name is Brother Harry Horse. He is going to preach in our church tomorrow!

Rufus: That is planting the seed, right?

Prudence: Right, Rufus! And tonight, Down on the Farm, we are going to learn about watering the word! (Hears horses clippity-cloppity) Oh, no! Here he comes!

(Everyone rushes to finish cleaning the barn, except Darlene Duck!)

Harry Horse: Hello, Everyone! Isn't it a Blessed Day?

Darlene Duck: What is so great about it? Can't you see it is RAINING?

Bessie: (looks at Darlene Duck, then at Harry Horse) 

(Everyone gathers around Harry Horse except Darlene Duck and acts excited to see him.)

Ok, everyone! Give our guest some room. Welcome, Brother Harry!! How was your trip?

Harry: It was a bit muddy, but the Lord gave us traveling grace.

Darlene: Rain is nothing but trouble!

Harry: Have we met? 

Prudence: Brother Harry, this is Darlene Duck, and Darlene, this is Brother Harry Horse.

Harry: Well, Miss Darlene, it seems you don't like rain! Odd since you are a duck and most ducks like to swim.

Darlene: What does swimming have to do with rain?

Harry: Well, if it never rained, all of the lakes would be dry. And that would mean no more swimming for you.

Darlene: No swimming without rain? Are you sure?

Harry: I am quite sure! Now, I know it will be hard, but do you think you can put up with a little rain? 

Darlene: (sighs) I guess so.

Harry: Do you think you might even be thankful for the rain? It says in Psalms 65 verse 9 that God visits the earth and waters it; and greatly enriches it with the river of God, which is full of water. So, I think we should thank God for the rain!

Darlene: I have never thought of it like that before, Brother Harry! Thank you!

Harry: Don't thank me, Miss Darlene. Let's all thank God for the Rain!

All: Thank You for the Rain, Lord!

Rufus: All this talk about rain and water has made me thirsty!

Spot: Me, too!

Bessie: Speaking of thirsty, I heard that tonight's lesson is about the story of the woman at the well. When you kids come back upstairs, maybe you can tell us what the lesson has to do with being thirsty. Have fun tonight, and we will meet you back here later!

All: BYE!!

Harvest Puppet Show - Night 4

(Songs listed below)

Scene: Darlene Duck and Wrinkles are talking.

Darlene Duck: Can you believe the sermon that Brother Harry preached last night at the church?!

Wrinkles: It was wonderful! He really brings out the true meaning of the scriptures! I like the way he seems to follow the Lord when he plants those seeds of truth!

Darlene: Seeds of Truth? (Looks at kids and asks) Do you know what he is talking about?

Prudence: Of course they remember! A Seed of Truth is a word from the Bible that is spoken or planted into someone's heart or soil. Do you remember how the Seed of Truth is planted?

Rufus: God plants the Seed of Truth in your heart thru his Word! 

Bessie: That's right, Rufus!! And then we water the word by telling people about the wonderful blessings that Jesus has given us!

Darlene: I won't forget the lesson I learned about being thankful for the rain! And the Lord sure did rain down the blessings last night at church!

Spot: And to think, Miss Darlene, you didn't even like the rain!!

Darlene: I know, Spot! But now I love it because it is a gift from God!

Rufus: Ok, so we tilled the Soil, planted the Seed of Truth, watered the Word. Now what? 

Bessie: Now it is time for the Harvest! That is when all of the hard work pays off Down on the Farm! Remember when we first started trying to break up the soil to plant that seed I found? We were getting our hearts ready to hear the Word of God! Then, God planted the Seed of Truth in our hearts when we heard the Preaching from the Bible! 

Darlene: And Brother Harry Horse watered the word when he explained to me about how God blesses us with rain! And that we should be thankful for the many blessings that the Lord gives us everyday!

Wrinkles: I am sure glad my heart was ready to hear the word of God, because when I heard Brother Harry preach last night, the Lord planted the Seed of Truth into my heart! And everyone watered that word by telling about how God had blessed them! And I knew that I was in trouble!

Rufus: Trouble? What do you mean?

Wrinkles: I knew that I was lost and that I needed a Savior! 

Prudence: Oh, Wrinkles! 

Wrinkles: So I kneeled down and prayed for Jesus to save me! I prayed a long time! Then, when I finally trusted Jesus with all my heart, he saved me!

Bessie: That is wonderful, Wrinkles!

Rufus: I got saved at our last revival! It was a wonderful feeling!

Prudence: Yes! I remember that, Rufus! We serve an awesome God!

Darlene: He is great! What is that sound?

Rufus: Wow! Look at that!

Spot: What is happening to the Seed of Truth?

Bessie: It is growing!

Prudence: Look! It has grown a Bible! It must have been planted into good soil! Tonight Down on the Farm we are going to learn about the parable of the Four Soils! 

Spot: Oh, Goody! Does that mean we are going to get dirty?

Rufus: What is a parable anyway?

Bessie: A parable is a story. Jesus teaches us by telling stories. 

Spot: I love stories!

Prudence: Tonight, we will all get to hear a story! Be sure to pay close attention! See if you can tell us what the Four Soils are and what happens when God plants a seed in each one!

All: Bye!

Farm Songs

"Down on the Farm" 
(Sing to the tune of Barney's Down by the Bay)

Down on the Farm
Where the Seed of Truth Grows
We Watered God's Word 
And We Watched it Grow
Our Savior's Love
Keeps us from Harm
We will go to Sunday School, 
Cause We Really Think it's Cool!
Down on the Farm!

"Planting, Planting" 
(Sing to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star")

Planting, planting the seed of truth,
God's holy word is what you are.
Planted in the world to stay,
To guide us in his holy way.
Planting, planting the seed of truth,
God's holy word is what you are.

"Tilling up the Soil" 
(Sing to the tune of "I've been Working on the Railroad")

We are tilling up the Soil 
All the live long Day
We are learning about Jesus
And we're learning how to Pray!
We are getting our garden ready
For the planting in the morn!
We are tilling up the Soil
But we're planting more than Corn!!

Song Leader: What are we planting?

"Water, Water, Water" 
(Sing to the tune of "Rawhide")

Water, Water, Water!
Water, Water, Water!
Water, Water, Water God's Word!
We're Watering God's Word Everyday
If you ask me how I'll say.

Telling about Jesus!
Telling about Jesus!
Telling about Jesus' Love!
We're Telling about Jesus' Love
If you ask me why I'll say.

(Repeat both verses) 

"Sow, Sow, Sow" 
(Sing to the tune of "Row, Row, Row your Boat")

Sow, sow, sow the Word,
Precious seeds of Faith;
Some that fall along the path,
Are quickly snatched away.

Sow, sow, sow the Word,
Precious seeds of Truth;
Some that fall on rocky soil,
Won't last the whole day through.

Sow, sow, sow the Word,
Precious seeds of Hope;
Some that fall among the thorns,
Grow weak from fear and woe.

Sow, sow, sow the Word,
Precious seeds of Life;
Some that fall into good soil,
Will live a life for Christ.

Copyright 2005 Sandy Roe

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