Gabby's Gifts

Puppet Skit About Church Stewardship | By Gail Peterson

Pastor: (very excited) Good Morning, Gabby! Isnít it a great morning! Oh, Iím so excited about today. Isnít it just a great, spectacular day!

Gabby: Iím so excited, too, I just canít wait to tell you about my gifts.

Pastor: Yes, thatís right Gabby! Today is gift Sunday. The day when all of our congregation comes to give the gifts of the Magi that weíve been talking about during our stewardship season.

Gabby: Yes, but I have to tell you about my . . . 

Pastor: (interrupts Gabby) weíve been talking about how the 3 Magi came to the manger of baby Jesus with Gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Gabby: Yes, but I have to tell you about my . . .

Pastor: (interrupts Gabby) They were expensive gifts fit for a King, symbols of power and gifts that they signified they were offering their all to Christ.

Gabby: Yes, but I still have to tell you about my . . . Ö

Pastor: Thatís what our stewardship program has been all about this year and it has truly been very exciting getting everything ready just for today.

Gabby: (loud whistle sound) (use a whistle prop)

Pastor: Gabby! Why did you make that loud sound?

Gabby: Because Iím trying to get your attention and YOU just keep going on and on and on. . . 

Pastor: Oh! Yes I guess I was getting a little excited but it is an exciting day and Iím so 
Excited about the 3 Gifts of the Magi.

Gabby: (loud whistle sound again) 

Pastor: Okay, I heard you. . .but it is an exciting day. . . 3 Gifts of the Magi!

Gabby: (short loud whistle) (Clears her throat) As I was trying to say I want to tell you about my 4 Gifts of the Magi.

Pastor: Okay, youíve got my attention. Letís hear about your gifts.

Gabby: Well, Iíll show you. My gifts are here on the stool. My Gift of Gold. Itís in the gold box. Pretty clever huh?

Pastor: (picks up box & opens it) Gabby? Thereís birdseed in here!

Gabby: Yep! Gold, pure Gold! And itís even the color of gold. Birdseed is gold to us birds. AND, itís 10% of all I have!

Pastor: But Gabby, we canít use birdseed. The Gift of Gold is . . .well. . . itís money to be used to fix and repair things in the church, or buy things for the Sunday School. I donít think we can use it?

Gabby: Oh! Okay, well how about Gift of Frankincense. Itís the box marked Frankincense.

Pastor: (opens up box) WOW, Gabby, itís a bottle of baby powder!

Gabby: Well, it is. I didnít know what Frankincense was so I looked it up on the internet. Frankincense, is obtained from a scrubby tree of the genus Boswellia, native to the arid regions of Africa and the Middle East. For centuries it has been an important ingredient in religious ceremonies and it can be very useful for home use too. Well, I didnít have time to go to Africa and the Middle East is a little busy right now so I thought baby powder would work just as well.

Pastor: But Gabby; the Gift of Frankincense are the spiritual gifts like daily prayer, Bible studyÖ.

Gabby: But if you smell the aroma of baby powder when youíre saying prayers youíll feel really good.
Okay, well how about the Gift of Myrrh. Thatís the 3rd box. 

Pastor: (Opens 3rd box) Thereís toothpaste, gum, Band-Aids, cough drops, tissues, duct tapeÖ
Gabby! I think youíd better explain this one.

Gabby: Okay! Well, I heard you talking about outreach and care so I put together a care package filled with good stuff, toothpaste, gum, Band-Aids and even duct tape. You just gotta have duct tape for all those little repairs.

Pastor: Well, Gabby youíre right, a care package would be good for Lazarus House (our local homeless shelter) or the Food Pantry. That about covers it, huh Gabby?

Gabby: What about the 4th gift?

Pastor: Gabby, there were only 3 Gifts of the Magi, not 4. Besides, there arenít any more boxes left. And what would the 4th gift be?

Gabby: Wait right here, Iíll be right back (Gabby disappears)

Pastor: I canít imagine what Gabby is talking aboutÖa 4th gift?

Gabby: (returns wearing ribbons or stick on bows all over her & sitting quietly)

Pastor: Gabby, whatís the 4th gift?

Gabby: The Gift of Gab. . . ME. Iím the 4th gift. You see Pastor, I donít have any money and I know how important that is for our church to fix and repair and expand and do all that stuff. So, instead, Iím giving ME. I can help you explain stuff to kids; and I can make people laugh a little especially with my ďbald jokesĒ and Iíve got lots more of them just waiting to sneak out. I love God and I love our church so is it okay if I give my small little self to God and to Grace Church?

Pastor: You know Gabby. Youíve got the message. The greatest gift of all was Godís Son, Jesus for 
us Ö.all of your gifts ARE important, Gabby. The care package we can send to Lazarus House, the baby powder we can put downstairs in the nursery and the birdseedÖ.well we can put it outside for the birds to eatÖtheir Godís creatures, too. And, as for you, I like having you here with me each Sunday, even with your sneaky bald jokes.

Gabby: All-righty then, letís do it Pastor!

Pastor: Letís do what?

Gabby: Letís get on with Godís work, spreading His Word! Hiddy Ho, friends!

Copyright 2003 Gail Peterson 
(This script can be edited, copied if there is no charge made for the work produced. This copyright notice should be included. If this work is edited, please include ďedited byĒ under my name.)

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