Gabby's Buried Treasure

Eternal Treasures in God's Word  | by Gail Peterson

Props used: An eye patch, perhaps some kind of gold chain around puppet's neck, a large sheet of crinkled paper with a childlike drawing of a map, a stuffed toy parrot.

(Gabby behind stage)

Pastor: Gabby? Oh, Gabby? Where are you?

Gabby: (Gabby pops up wearing pirate outfit) Ahoy, ma-tees….how ya be?

Pastor: Gabby, what in the world are you dressed up for?

Gabby: It’s Capt’n Gabby, ma-tee. I’m Capt’n Gabby and I just got here to look for the buried treasure.

Pastor: Gabby . . .you’re a . . .

Gabby: (Sounding mad) IT’S CAPT’N GABBY!

Pastor: Okay. . . Capt’n Gabby. . .you’re a pirate? 

Gabby: Ayyyy matee, that I am. 

Pastor: Do you have a crew and a pirate ship?

Gabby: Well, of course I do…what self-respecting pirate wouldn’t have a ship. 

Pastor: What’s your ship called?

Gabby: The S.S. Sillyship.

Pastor: Okay…and your crew????

Gabby: My crew is of the finest on all the seas. Wait, I think one of my crew is nearby…..
(up pops Polly Parrot)…. Ayyyyy, Polly…

Pastor: (laughs) A parrot is one of your crew?

Gabby: Sure…..he’s my best buddy….

Pastor: Alright…now I’ve not heard of any pirates out here in St. Charles (insert your location/town) but why are you here?

Gabby: Ayyyyy, ye landlubbers ….I’m here to look for the buried treasure. I have a map I found….let me give it to you so you can show everyone.

Pastor: Okay…..I see, here’s where you are….and this is where you think the buried treasure is?

Gabby: Right on, ma-tee. Thar she be…..

Pastor: What do you think is in this treasure?

Gabby: GOLD, JEWELS, SILVER, COINS enough riches to make me happy forever.

Pastor: And you think gold, jewels, silver, coins are going to make you happy forever?

Gabby: Well, I can see you’re bald but I didn’t know ya were deaf! Of course, that treasure will make me and my crew very happy….we’ll never need anything again.

Pastor: Aaah, ha…and will that treasure help you in your eternal life?

Gabby: (Gabby, confused) Eternal Life? Oh, yeah, they can bury me in the gold chest with all the gold coins….that’s just what I’ll take with me.

Pastor: Well, for your eternal life, I don’t think you’ll need gold, jewels, silver or coins. And, you don’t really have to search for buried treasure. And….there is no BURIED treasure here.

Gabby: No gold, jewels, silver or coins? Look here, I found this map and it says buried treasure. I’ve been using this map traveling the high seas, through the dark of night, through all the storms and I’ve finally made it to land and now you say, no treasure?

Pastor: Oh, there is a map and there is a treasure but you don’t have to travel the high seas to find the treasure.


Pastor: (Pastor holds up a Bible*).

Gabby: That looks like a book, not a map!

Pastor: It’s God’s map….there is everything you need to know in this book and it will point you in the right direction for you to find the most beautiful treasure. (Pastor talks about importance of Bible)

Gabby: Well, what’s the treasure?

Pastor: Eternal life. You must read this map and follow close, always walking where God’s showing. Jesus is the treasure. (Pastor talks about the treasure of eternal life)

Gabby: Well !! That’s a much different type of treasure….isn’t it. Oh…..I’d much rather have that kind of treasure. I don’t seem to have any pockets to hold any gold or coins. So I guess, I’d better be going back to the S.S. Sillyship and tell my crew.

Pastor: Ahhh, Capt’n Gabby…why don’t take THIS map with you……it will set you in the RIGHT direction.

Gabby: (Gabby starts to leave and starts yelling at her crew) Alright ye mates….did ya swab the deck; Now hoist the anchor we’re headn’ out for a new adventure. See ya…ma-tees

Pastor: Bye Capt’n Gabby!

* "...The ordinances of the LORD are sure and altogether righteous. They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold..." Psalm 19:9-10

Copyright 2003 Gail Peterson 

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