Gabby's Easter Math Lesson

Children's Ministry Skit | by Gail Peterson

Pastor: Wow, aren't we lucky this morning, kids, we have Gabby AND Minnie. Good Morning!

Gabby: Well, Pastor, I'm here for the math lesson!

Minnie: Gabby, what's wrong with you? Today is Sunday. We DON'T have school today.

Gabby: Yeah, I know but I'm still ready for the math lesson! Pastor? Are you ready?

Pastor: Gabby, I don't have a math lesson for you today. Minnie's right, it's Sunday and more important, it's Easter.

Gabby: Yep, that's what I said. The math lesson and God is the teacher!

Minnie: Gabby, I knew it! You've been into those marshmallow Peeps again and your mind has finally turned into a pink marshmallow!

Gabby: Well, I only ate 2 packages and (yelling) MY MIND ISN'T A PINK MARSHMALLOW. Pastor, I'm serious.

Pastor: Okay, Minnie. Maybe we'd better listen to Gabby!

Minnie: Okay, Pastor. Throw out your sermon notes cause you're going to have to spend your sermon time un-confusing the congregation. (looks at Gabby) Go ahead, Marshmallow Head. Uh, Gabby!

Gabby: Okay, Pastor, it's like this. It's all about numbers.

Pastor: Easter is all about numbers? Gabby, I don't think so. Easter is all about Jesus, and Love, and Forgiveness, and Salvation.

Gabby: Yeah, that too. But it's mostly about math and a couple of simple numbers. Allow me to explain.

Minnie: I'd thought you'd never get to it.

Gabby: Well, we just went through Lent and it was a long time.

Pastor: Yep, 47 days. That is a long time.

Gabby: One thousand, one hundred twenty-eight hours.

Pastor: Really? I had no idea!

Gabby: Sixty-seven thousand, six hundred and eighty minutes.

Minnie: (amazed) Gabby? YOU figured that out?!

Gabby: Four million, sixty thousand eight hundred seconds since the beginning of Lent. I've been keeping track.

Pastor: I'll say. That's very impressive, Gabby. I guess math does play a role in Easter. I never really thought about it that way.

Minnie: Pastor, no one ever thinks of things the way Gabby does. So, Gabby, what's the math lesson?

Gabby: Well, let's see what the sum total is. Pastor, Minnie, it all started 47 days ago. Jesus traveled all over with his disciples explaining about God's love and telling people that one day, very soon the most wonderful event would happen.

Minnie: That's right Gabby, the most important event was the crucifixion of Jesus and then the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

Gabby: Minnie, that's it! You've got the answer.

Minnie: I do?! Well, of course, I do! I knew the answer all the time! (lowering her head and whispering to Pastor) What answer did I say?

Pastor: Well, I think it's that Jesus died for our sins so that we can have everlasting life.

Gabby: And . . . the most important math lesson is: 3 nails + 1 Cross = 4-Ever!

Pastor: Well, Gabby. I'm most impressed.

Minnie: Me, too, Gabby. You're not a birdbrain. Marshmallow head, yes! But not a birdbrain.

Gabby: Speaking of marshmallows, let's go have some Peeps, Minnie!

Copyright 2005 Gail Peterson 

"Gabby's Easter Math Lesson" can be edited, copied, and distributed without prior permission if there is no charge made for the work produced. This copyright notice should be included. If this work is edited, please include "edited by" under my name, Gail Peterson.

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