The Hamster's Great Escape

Puppet Skit for Children's Ministry | by Mike Covell

Applications: Trust in God - Believing - Courage - Faith - Protection

Duration: Approx. 5 minutes

Materials: 2 animal puppets or you can just tell the story using two different voices, or people.

(Harry is the smarter of the two, while George is a bit slow. George rolls across the cage and slams into Harry.)

Harry "What in the world are you doing George?! I'm trying to sleep here! Now get back on your side of the cage."

George "Uhh I'm sorry Harry, uhhh I couldn't help it, uhh that little Israel boy that owns us picked up our cage in such a rush, that I uhhh couldn't help it...sorry."

Harry "George old boy your right, why look, all of God's people are rushing around in a big hurry, and it's the middle of the night! Something BIG must be going on! Hang on George it looks like we're coming in for a rough landing."

George "They must be in a hurry...that sure was a rough way to load us onto the looks like all God's people are leaving Egypt and we almost didn't get packed. See Harry we're on the last camel!

Harry "Yeah, Yeah I see George"

George "I.. I.. I.. I wonder where we're going?"

Harry "Settle down George, I'm sure God will watch over his people." 

George "I hope He watches over hamsters too! I'm worried."

Harry "Pull yourself together kid, remember the Scriptures...Give all your worries to Him, because He cares for you. Look up ahead...God's people are following that pillar of fire."

George [Play with whiskers] "I bet God's showing them the way to go."

Harry "Don't look now Kid, but it looks like that mean old king of Egypt has changed his mind about letting the people go."

George "Duh what do you mean Harry?"

Harry "Look behind us George, see the king's army is chasing us and God's people can't go forward any longer because of the Red Sea."

George "Uhh lets go to the right."

Harry "We can't. There are mountain ranges!"

George "Uhh then let's go to the left."

Harry "Open your beady little eyes George! There's mountain range there too!"

George "Aghhhh, we're trapped like rats!"

Harry How many times do I have to tell you, we're hamsters not rats!"

George "Aghhhh we're trapped like hamsters!"

Harry "Shhh settle down George, look God's putting a big thick pillar of cloud between His people and the Egyptian army. The army has stopped, at least for the time being."

George "Duh look, what's Moses' doing?"

Harry "Why Moses is holding his staff and has stretched out his arm over the Red Sea, and look George! God is parting the water! We're on the move again! I knew God would protect His people."

George "Hey Harry, uhh look the ground is dry...were crossing on dry ground! Those walls of water look scary. I'm worried!"

Harry "Now George you need to remember the Bible verse from Sunday school. What do you say kids, can you help George remember today's Bible verse? Okay then on 3, 1..2..3

George "Thanks kids, you're smart to put God's word in your hearts. I feel better now"

Harry "We've been traveling a while now, but look we're finally made it across. Don't look now but the Egyptian army is coming after us again! Look the army is crossing the Red Sea and boy their chariots are fast!

George "Uhh can't this camel go any faster!"

Harry [Ring hands] "The army is starting to gain on us, their all ready about half way across the Red Sea! [look surprised and jump up and down] Look George! Moses stretched out his arm and staff over the Red Sea again! The Lord has caused the walls of water to collapse and the Egyptian army has been drowned! We're safe, we're safe, praise God!

George "Thanks be to God! Look Harry, all of God's people are praising Him and shouting glory to God!

Copyright 2005 Mike Covell 

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