A Harvest Carol

Autumn Bible Skit and Lesson for Children

The stage is set with a blanket and pillow, Christopher is sitting on the blanket in his pajama's.

It's the night before Halloween and Christopher is very upset at his parents. Let's look in and see what the trouble is.

Christopher: (sobbing) All I wanted to do was go Trick or Treating with my friends. Mom and Dad say that I have to go with them to some stupid Harvest party at church. I hate this!

Narrator: As Christopher is crying himself to sleep, he begins dreaming of Halloween. Oh what fun to be able to dress up in costumes and scare people.

Music (Bless us Everyone)

Christopher lays down falling asleep. Christopher awakes with a start. He hears a spirit calling his name.

Narrator: Christopher, I am your friend that died last year. Remember when I was playing with the Magic tricks. It took me to a road of sin. I am here tonight to tell you to change your ways. Tonight you will be visited by three spirits, Listen closely to what they say or you might not live to see Jesus. I wish I would have listened to my parents.

Christopher: But Jesus doesn't care if I go Trick or Treating! I want candy! 
(Christopher starts to fall to sleep again.)

Chelese comes in, dressed as a Little angel.

Chelese: Christopher, I am the spirit of Harvest past. Come with me.
(Chelese and Christopher leave stage.)

Music (God is Good)

(Enter Ashley and Ajiah with a bucket with fruits and vegetables dancing and swaying and sits bucket down. Picks up vegetables to hold up to God. When the song ends Chelese and Christopher come in)

Ashley: This is so fun. God is so good to give us all this food. Thank you Jesus for loving us.

Christopher: (Talking to Chelese) I remember this, we had a big party, it was so much fun. Can we stay longer, please spirit?

Chelese: No, we have to go now. (They all leave the stage)

Music (For the Beauty)

Christopher comes back to stage with blanket and pillow.

Narrator: As Christopher looks around his room, he starts to think this was all a dream. Boy what fun it was to celebrate God giving them a great harvest that year. The party was lots of fun. They did get lots of candy too. Soon though Christopher is back to sleep.

(Enter Ajiah dressed in modern clothes)

Ajiah: Christopher, I am the spirit of Harvest present. Come with me.
(Ajiah and Christopher leave the stage) 

Music (Fairest Lord)

(While music is playing, enter Chelese, and Ashley with trick or treat bags and in costumes, sits down and dumps candy on floor)

Chelese: Look, I got some candy that wasn't wrapped. If I eat it now then my parents can't throw it away. (Eats the candy) Look at all the pretty colors, wow this is so cool!

Christopher: (talking to Ajiah) They are having so much fun, but I wouldn't eat candy that wasn't wrapped. I wish I could be there. Please spirit, I want to stay.

Ajiah: Come we have to go.
(Ajiah and Christopher leave the stage)

Music (God Made me)

Christopher comes back to the stage with his blanket and pillow as the music is playing.

Narrator: Christopher looks around his room. Oh how come his parents won't let him go? Everyone is doing it and having fun too. His friend, Chelese, had some great fun with the candy that was laced with drugs. He lays down and is starting to fall asleep again, when the spirit of Harvest Yet to Come enters the room.

Clarence enters the room dressed in a black cape and pitch fork

Clarence: (shakes Christopher and points for him to follow)

Music (God Will Take Care of You)

(Clarence and Christopher leave the stage as the music is playing)

(Kenne enters in and sits at a head stone)

Kenne: (Sobbing) Why didn't you come with me to the Harvest Event? Why did you go Trick or Treating with your friends. If you had come with me, then you wouldn't have been killed in the drive-by shooting. I wish you would have known that celebrating Harvest with Jesus can be fun too.

(Clarence and Christopher enter back on to the stage)

Christopher: Spirit is this what is going to happen? Who is dead? Is that me? Spirit?

(Clarence and Christopher leave the stage)

Music (Dem Dry Bones)

(Kenne leaves the stage as the music is playing).

Christopher comes back on stage with his pillow and blanket, wakes up and starts praying.

Christopher: Lord forgive me please.

Music (I have decided to Follow Jesus)

Christopher leaves the stage and dresses for school

Narrator: Morning is breaking, it is Halloween day and Christopher has gone to school after the horrible night of bad dreams! Let's see if he learned anything. We find him at the school yard with his friends

Music (Into my Heart)

As the music is playing all the children come back on stage. They are dressed for school.

Christopher: What day is this?

Clarence: It's Halloween! Are you going Trick or Treating Tonight?

Christopher: No, did you know that Halloween is of Satan and we should be celebrating Harvest time, instead? Come with my family we are going to a better party and you will have games to play and we can get safe candy there. Also we will be able to give Jesus thanks for giving us our Harvest throughout the year.

Music (Come Bless the Lord)

The children pretend to be playing.

Narrator: Well it looks like Christopher has found out what Harvest time is all about. It is a time to celebrate, we all agree. But it is a time to celebrate what God has done for us and not a time for Satan to hurt our children. Now and then a little Trick or Treating, maybe a haunted house or two, or even reading a horoscope or two, what could it hurt? One small speck is all Satan needs to get us to conform to what he wants. One little lie of it won't hurt to do it just this time, is all he needs.

Halloween was started back when the people of Norse believed that the spirits of people killed in battle were walking around, so they made Jack-O-Lanterns to carry around to capture the spirits, so they could guide them to their new resting place. In ancient culture Ireland long before Jesus was born, the Celtics used to leave food out for the spirits in hope that they wouldn't scare them, at that time it was called Samhain. It was on the eve of their New Year which was November 1st. As it has progressed, they no longer believed in the evil spirits walking the grounds, however they have kept up with giving out treats on that day. We now let our children believe that it is ok to go Trick or Treating. In Deuteronomy 18:9-11 the Bible states that God hates all witchcraft, sorcery, casting spells and talking to the dead. God states to avoid all appearance of evil. But by allowing our children to go to the Halloween parties and Trick or Treating, we are instilling in them that this one little piece can't hurt, however it gives Satan a foothold on our children. We need to take back what Harvest Fest was intended for. Let's start Thanking God for giving us the land to harvest and the food we eat through out the year. There are many lands that can not harvest and people are starving without food. Let's give Harvest back to God.

Children line up like a train and dance with the music.

Music (This Train)

Copyright 2003 Annette Clarren 
Soldiers for Jesus International
Acton, CA

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