Why Are You So Smart, Grandpa? 

Skit About Honoring Parents | by Connie Gordon

(Puppets Walk Up)

Grandson: “Hey Grandpa, why are you so smart?”

Grandpa: “What do you mean son?”

Grandson: “You know, you are always telling me what to do and giving me rules to live by.”

Grandpa: “I can do that because my Mom and Dad gave me wise sayings and rules to help guide me through life. I now see the wisdom in why they gave me rules. Hey son, let’s play a game.”

Grandson: “Ok. What do we do?”

Grandpa: “Ask me a question and I will give you the right answer.”

Grandson: “You’re on Grandpa. Okay, here is my first question, 'Why can’t I stay up till 12:00 PM every night?'”

Grandpa: “Well son, the answer to that is, 'Because I said so.'”

Grandson: “You call that an answer? Really Grandpa, that was pretty lame. How about another question?”

Grandpa: “Okay. Ask away.”

Grandson: “Why do my parents keep telling me things to do?”

Grandpa: “Just wait until you have kids and then you will know.”

Grandson: “That’s not an answer. You can do better than that, Grandpa! How about this question, 'How do I make friends with this girl I like?'”

Grandpa: “Hmm, you could … Well maybe not … How about …. No, I don’t think that would work …. Hmm, I know, go ask your mom or grandma.”

Grandson: “Oh Grandpa, that’s an awful answer, but I still love you. Let’s go find one of them. I’m sure they can help me.”

Grandpa: “Sounds good to me. Let’s go now.”

(Walk puppets off the stage in the same direction.)

Narrator: Well maybe your father or mother doesn’t always have the right answer, but we are commanded by God to love and honor them anyway. Pray for them and ask God to give them the wisdom and insight needed to make the right decision and always love and respect them.

Copyright 2008 Connie Gordon
Permission for use granted for non-profit purposes only.

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