Joshua, Rahab, and the Two Spies

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Bible Heroes

Based on Joshua Chapters 1-6

Optional Props: Name cards attached to players to identify them, a crown for the King, a staff for Joshua, binoculars or a magnifying glass for the spies, a shawl for Rahab, a piece of red yarn for Rahab (to be kept in her pocket till the appropriate time), swords for the soldiers of Jericho, a sign that says "Rooftop," and one that says "Window." Place the rooftop sign on a tabletop, and the window sign on the back of a chair.

Cast: Teacher/narrator, Joshua, two children to be the Israelite spies, Rahab, King of Jericho, and two children to be soldiers of Jericho. You may want the children to rehearse the skit before the lesson, or perform it impromptu.

Narrator: The Bible tells us that Moses and the Israelites wandered in the desert without reaching the Promise land for 40 years. After Moses died God told Joshua that he would become the new leader to fulfill God's promise to his people, and he would lead them into the Promised Land.

So Joshua assembled the Israelites, and told them to get ready to cross the Jordan River to take over the land. Before they took over the land, Joshua chose two spies to check out one of the most wicked cities, Jericho. There the spies entered the house of a prostitute named, Rahab. The Bible tells us that Rahab and the people of that entire region had heard about the power of the God of Israel, and that she and they were very afraid. Because Rahab feared God, she wanted to help the spies by hiding them from the King of Jericho and his soldiers.

Joshua: (speaking to the spies) "Go look over the land God promised to us, especially that wicked city, Jericho. Then tell me what you find. And remember what God said, 'Be strong and courageous because the LORD your God is with you wherever you go!'"

Spy 1: (sneaking away and finding Rahab) "Shalom, peace to you! We are hiding from your King. Will you hide us and keep us safe?"

Rahab: "I have heard miraculous stories about how your God parted the Red Sea to help you escape from Egypt, and how your God defeated all the armies that came against you. I will hide you because I want to serve your God. Come get on my rooftop and I'll cover you with this grain so no one will find you!"

King of Jericho: (speaking to his soldiers) "I have heard that the Israelites are ready to take over our land. Go hunt their spies down and kill them before they have a chance to defeat us!"

Soldier 1: (Pretending to look for the spies but do not find them) "Oh spies, where are you? If we find you, we will kill you! Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

Soldier 2: (Finds Rahab and speaks to her) "We have heard that you have helped those Israelite spies. Where are they? Tell us now!"

Rahab: "The spies were here but they left. I don't know which way they went. But if you leave now, you might catch them!"

Soldiers: "OK. Thanks!" (Soldiers run away looking for the spies)

Rahab: "You-hoooo...spies...the coast is clear. Come out; it's safe!"

Spy 2: "Wow, that was close! Thank you for hiding us. We'll be going now."

Rahab: "Wait a minute! Not so fast! Since I was kind to you, please protect my family and me so we're not killed!"

Spy 1: "Your lives for our lives! If you don't tell on us, we will treat you kindly and protect you and your family when we invade Jericho and take it over."

Rahab: "Ok! Here, crawl down this rope through the window. Then run to the hills and hide there until the soldiers come back to the city. Then you will know that it is safe for you to return to your camp."

Spy 2: "As a sign of our promise to protect you, and your promise to not tell on us, when we enter the land to take it over, hang a scarlet colored cord in the window to show that you have kept your word. When we see the scarlet cord, we will know that you are on our side. God will then protect you and your family from death when Jericho is destroyed."

Rahab: "I will do as you say." (Rahab ties the scarlet cord on the window [back of chair].)

Spy 1: (Reports to Joshua) "It is time to take over the land. Everyone is afraid of God's army. The LORD has surely given them and the land into our hands!"

Joshua: "Let's go and conquer the land that God promised to Abraham and all our descendants."

Narrator: "Early the next morning . . ." (End of Sample) The rest of this skit is available when you purchase Super Heroes of the Bible - The Willing Hearts Who Changed The Course of History

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