Palm Sunday's Bad Boy 

Children's Ministry Skit |by Kath Doerr

Bible references
Luke 19: 28-40; Matthew 26:14-16, 20-25, 45-50; 27:1-5; 

Narrator, 3 Kids: "Child 1, 2, and 3."

Script printed out for actors
3 Balloons with phrases written on them, Blessed is He, Hosanna, Praise God, etc.
3 Palm branches
Bag of coins - it should look old
Screen to show You Tube video
A large empty box that can be closed



Children come into the room from back, waving PALM BRANCHES and BALLOONS with words like HOSANNA and GLORY TO GOD and BLESSED IS HE printed on them and shouting: 

"HOSANNA! BLESSED is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!" (keep repeating phrase)

Actors come to front of stage near Narrator, while Narrator watches them for a few moments.

Narrator: What is going ON? What's all the shouting about?

Child 1: We're celebrating!

Child 2: It's a special day!

Child 3: You remember - It's Palm Sunday!

Narrator: That's right! It IS Palm Sunday!

Child 1: Could you tell us the story about it?

Child 2: I LOVE that story!

Child 3: It's one of the best stories in the Bible!

(Kid actors settle down on the stage to hear the story. They put their palms/balloons near them.)

Narrator: That's a great idea! Let's see Jesus was returning to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. As He came closer to the city, he asked two of his disciples to go ahead of Him. He said, "When you get to town, you will see a donkey tied up. Untie it, and bring it to me. If anyone asks you about taking the donkey, just tell them, 'The Lord needs it and He will bring it back as soon as He is done with it.'"

When they brought the donkey to Jesus, some of the disciples took off their coats and laid them on the donkey's back. They did this out of respect for Jesus. Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem.

As He was traveling, some people saw Jesus coming and came running towards Him. They had heard He might be coming and they wanted to see Him because He had just helped a dead man come back to life.

Child 3: That was Lazarus, one of his best friends, right?

Narrator: Right! People knew that Jesus was special. As Jesus and His disciples got closer to town, more and more people watched Jesus. The crowd that surrounded Him started to shout praises to Him for all the miracles He had done. "Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!" 

Children: (together) Hosanna! Hosanna! Blessed is He!

Narrator: The word Hosanna means save us. They thought Jesus was going to save them from the people that ruled over them. And He was - just not exactly in the way that they thought.

Child 2: But not everyone was happy, right?

Narrator: True! Some men named Pharisees heard the crowd praising God, and they said to Jesus, "Teacher, why don't you tell these people to stop praising you as if you were God?"

Child 1: I LOVE what He told them!

Narrator: Jesus replied, "If they are quiet now, even the rocks would cry out!" Just imagine - even the rocks KNEW that Jesus was God! 

(sounding like the lesson is over) And THAT is the story of Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

Child 2: Just imagine how the crowds looked!

Child 1: I can image Jesus riding in on a donkey!

Child 3: With everyone praising God! 

Narrator: Well, I DO have something to show you. . . (SHOW VIDEO)

(Triumphant Entry - Lift High the Lord Processional, You Tube video  Running time 2:31. After video, kids whisper to each other.)

Child 3: But what about the OTHER part of the story?

Narrator: What other part?

Child 2: You know - the SAD part.

Child 1: (worried - talking to other actors) She can't tell THAT part!

Child 3: But it IS part of the most amazing story ever! 

Child 2: (to Narrator) You HAVE to tell them about Judas!

Narrator: (shaking her head) You are so right. It IS part of the story, but it's the sad part. Well, as many of you know Jesus chose twelve disciples to follow Him and learn from Him. They traveled together everywhere. They were with Jesus for three years. During that time, the Disciples watched Jesus as He performed miracles, healed the sick and helped people in every town they visited. Judas, one of the disciples watched everything that Jesus did for people. Yet his heart was hardened towards the ways of the Lord. In the end, he made very bad choices. He criticized the way Jesus did things and the way that Jesus ministered to the people he met. 

Child 1: And didn't he do something sneaky with the money he kept for Jesus and the disciples?

Narrator: Right! Judas was in charge of the money for Jesus and the disciples. He was supposed to watch the money very carefully and use it for things the group needed. But in truth, he was keeping some of the money for himself. But the worst betrayal of all came on the night that Jesus ate the Passover dinner with His disciples in the upper room. He knew that Judas had plans to betray him. Jesus took a piece of bread and then said He was handing it to the person who would betray him. 

Child 2: And Jesus gave the bread to Judas, right?

Narrator: Yes, He just looked at him and said, 'Do quickly what you must do.' You see, Judas had already made a "deal" with some of the religious leaders. He said he would turn Jesus over to them if they paid him thirty pieces of silver. That night in the Garden of Gethsemane, Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss on the cheek. That was the signal to the guards so they could arrest Jesus. It was too late when Judas realized the horrible thing he had done to Jesus. It was too late when Judas understood that Jesus was going to be put to death. Because of his own grief, Judas took his life that very night.

Child 3: That was a REALLY sad story! 

Narrator: It IS sad. But our story is NOT over! (getting excited) The story doesn't end with sadness, grief, and death! No, this story is going to end with a resurrection and new life for all who believe! We get to hear THAT part of the story next week! 

Child 1: I LOVE that part of the story! 

Narrator: But before we get to the best part and the amazing ending, we need to see what happens when we turn away from Jesus. We need to see what happens when we take our eyes OFF of Jesus.

(upbeat) Today is Palm Sunday! It's a day to celebrate. But we need to wait until next week to hear the very BEST part of the story! 

Child 2: (pointing at balloons) So maybe we should save these.

Child 1: Good idea.

Child 3: Let's just put them in this box until next week. 

(pulls out large empty box - kids put balloons in box and close lid)

Narrator: Thanks, guys. I can't wait to get them out next week for the big celebration! 

Narrator Prays
"Dear God, Just like the people in Jerusalem, today we shout HOSANNA to your name! Help us to keep our eyes on you. Thank You for giving your life for us. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen."


On Easter Sunday, before the start of Service, replace the balloons in the box with HELIUM-filled balloons. When the kids open the box for the celebration, the balloons will float UP, reminding them of Jesus' victory over death in His resurrection!

Copyright 2013 Kath Doerr 

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