Palm Sunday Live

Biblical Easter Play | by Lori Peterson

Cast of Characters:
Reporter 1 
Reporter 2
Crowd Person1 
Crowd Person2 
Disciple 1
Disciple 2 
Hosanna Dancers 

Narrator - Welcome to our skit this morning. As we have all been watching the war in Iraq on the TV news, even as it is happening, this morning we have decided to bring the Palm Sunday story to you as if it were live, broadcast to your homes as it happens. Join our Channel 10 news team as they find out something that they didnít know before.

Reporter 1- Good Morning everyone. Iím Cory Clueless. Welcome to our Channel 10 news break. We have breaking news this morning here in the city of Jerusalem. As you can see, the crowd is pretty worked up about something!

Reporter 2- Yes, Iím Dan Doorknob reporting, and that is correct, Cory Clueless. Apparently, there is a big stir down here in Jerusalem about some important guy coming into the city. Not sure who everyone is waiting for though.

Reporter 1- I donít have a clue either Dan Doorknob, lets go find out what all the commotion is about. (walk down to the crowd....turn to first person in crowd)

Reporter 1- Hello, could you please tell me what the crowd is waiting for here?

Crowd person #1- Where have you been? We are all excited because Jesus is coming!!

Reporter 2-Call me a small town boy, but I donít know who that is. (turning to person next to the first one) Excuse me, could you tell me who this "Jesus" is?

Crowd person #2- Youíve got to be kidding! I canít believe you havenít heard of Jesus. Didnít you listen to the prophet? Jesus is the king, the lamb of God! You DO know who God is donít you?

Reporter 1- I believe Iíve heard of him yes, but why is he a lamb? Isnít that a strange animal to be a king? Wouldnít a lion be better?

Crowd person #1- Heís not a REAL lamb, goofy, he is called a lamb because it is written that he will be the ultimate sacrifice, to save us from our sins!

Reporter 2- Look, here he comes now! 
(Lots of noise, wave branches, all say things like "HOSANNA!, All right! Iím so excited! Heís here!)

Sing Hosanna Song
(Sung to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus)

Verse 1
The people in the crowd will
wave their palms
wave their palms
wave their palms
The people in the crowd will
wave their palms
All through the town

Verse 2
The people in the crowd shout
Ho san na
Ho san na
Ho san na
The people in the crowd shout
Ho san na
All through the town

(Use party noisemakers and blowouts. Confetti would be fun too, although cleanup may be too much.)

Reporter 2- Here he comes all right, and what a celebration this is. Apparently this is Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews, and his triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem. 

Reporter 1- Letís go see if we can get an interview...(pushing through crowd, goes to disciple first)

Reporter 1-Excuse me sir, I see you are following Jesus into the city. Are you a friend?

Disciple 1- Yes, in fact, I am a disciple of Jesus. We did what Jesus told us to do and went ahead and found the donkey with the colt and brought it to him. And from what has been said, this is only the beginning of something big to happen.

Reporter 2- Is it true then, that Jesus is the son of God, who came to this world to save us from eternal death? 

Disciple 2- That is what is written. Why donít you follow us to the temple, and we can tell you more about Jesus, so that you might believe and be followers also.

Reporter 1-Thank you, yes I believe we will come along.

Reporter 2- Yes, I am really interested in hearing more about Jesus.

Reporter 2- (to the donkey) And how does it feel to be the donkey who gets to bring Jesus into the city like this!

Donkey- (in tears) I feel SO special! I am the luckiest donkey in the whole world! HEE HAW!
(large sniffle -- blow nose VERY loudly next to Reporter 1)

Reporter 1- (wiping sleeve closest to donkey) THAT was quite a testament! Wait - Jesus - 
could we have a word?

Jesus - Yes, of course you can. I would be glad to share with you.

Reporter 2- Did you know that this would happen today? I mean, this crowd, and this celebration?

Jesus - Yes, I am not surprised. It is as the prophet had spoken.

Reporter 1- But where are you going now?

Jesus - To the temple, to turn it back into a house of prayer. Why donít you follow?

Reporter 1 - Thank you, we would REALLY like that.

Reporter 2- There you have it folks! We have been told that this is only the beginning of something big to come. We will be back to report on any further updates. This is Dan Doorknob for Channel 10 news. (to his partner) Now letís go learn more about this guy!

Narrator- Thank you for tuning into our Palm Sunday Live show. We hope it helped you to understand the great impact this triumphant entry mustíve had on people who were there. We can only hope that many people were brought to faith as a result of this one main event!

Copyright 2003 Lori Peterson 

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