Pray Continually

Christian Children's Skit on Praying | by Kristin Greenhalgh

Characters: Andy & Jill
Props: pencil in Jill's hand
Setting: anywhere

JILL: (in pain from offstage) OWWWWW!!!!!!!
(Andy runs on stage.)
ANDY: (concerned) Jill, are you O.K.?
(Jill enters.)
JILL: Yes, I'm O.K.
ANDY: What happened?
JILL: I just got poked by my pencil again. It really hurts!
ANDY: How did that happen?
JILL: It was in my pocket, and I tried to sit down.
ANDY: Why are you carrying a pencil in your pocket?
JILL: I need it for my prayer list.
ANDY: Prayer list?
JILL: I'm always thinking of things to pray about, but by bedtime, I forget most of them.
ANDY: So, you started keeping a list?
JILL: I write the ideas down as soon as I think of them. That way I don't forget.
ANDY: That's a good idea, but I think I have a better one.
JILL: (excited) Really?!? I'm getting tired of getting poked every time I sit down.
ANDY: Don't wait until bedtime to pray about things.
JILL: What do you mean?
ANDY: In the Bible, it tells us that we should be praying continually. You can pray about things whenever you think of them.
JILL: That's a pretty good idea. I'll try it.
ANDY: Good.
JILL: Well, I'd better get going.
ANDY: Bye!
(Jill begins to exit, but trips and falls.)
JILL: (in pain) OWWWW!!!!!
ANDY: Now, what happened?
JILL: (getting back up) I was praying and tripped.
ANDY: How did that happen?
JILL: I had my eyes closed and couldn't see where I was going.
ANDY: Next time, leave your eyes open while you pray if you're moving.
JILL: Now you tell me.
(Both exit.)


1. Do you have to wait until a special time of the day to pray? (no)
2. When should you be praying? (continually)
3. Do you have to close your eyes when you pray? (no)
4. What is something that we could pray about right now? (encourage children to share appropriate responses and follow with prayer.)

From the booklet, "Living like Jesus: 20 short and easy-to-use scripts teaching Christ-like character traits and virtues (for 2-3 characters)." For more information contact: Kristin Greenhalgh at:

Copyright 2003 Kristin Greenhalgh

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