He is Risen

Easy Easter Skit | by Faith Scott

Faith writes, "This is a short skit of some women who went to the tomb early on Easter Morning. You can adjust it however you like. There could be two angels instead of one. Things can be changed according to your space for performance and your churchís arrangement."

(Four women walking to the garden and the tomb.)

1st woman: "I couldnít sleep last night waiting for morning to come. My heart is so sad".

2nd Woman: "I know I couldnít either, I kept think about Jesus and how he was killed. It was just awful."

3rd Woman: "He was so good and kind, I just canít understand why this happened."

4th Woman: "And we didnít get to properly prepare his body with the spices."

1st Woman: "Maybe we can do it this morning, weíve brought the spices."

2nd Woman: "Letís hurry, but wait, who is going to move the stone at the tomb?"

3rd Woman: "Maybe all of us together can move it."

4th Woman: "It is awfully heavy, but we have to try."

1st Woman: "There is the tomb up ahead, but wait, look the stone is moved away."

2nd Woman: "But who rolled it away?"

3rd Woman: "Oh no, I bet someone has taken his body."

4th Woman: "What will we do, letís hurry".

(At this point the women hurry a little faster towards the tomb.)

(Angel or Angels sitting or standing at the tomb.)

1st Woman: "Hey, where is Jesus?"

2nd Woman: "What did you do with Him?"

3rd Woman: Who are you?

Angel: "Wait a minute Ladies, Jesus is not here, he is risen. Jesus lives."

lst Woman: "You are sure?"

Angel: "Yes I am sure - look in the tomb, he is not here."

2nd Woman: "He isnít here he has risen - lets go tell the disciples."

3rd Woman: "Heís alive, Heís alive."

4th Woman: "Heís alive, itís true."

(Read poem:)

Easter by: Rachael Hartley

E is for Easter, coming again soon.

A is for angels near the tomb,

S is for stone which was rolled away

T is for tomb found empty that day.

E is for early morning, the women are glad

R is for the risen Lord, no need to be sad.

Copyright 2001 Faith Scott / Rachael Hartley

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