Lester, We Forget 

Senior Moments Drama | by Richard Ruddle 

Isaiah 46:4, Titus 2:2-3, Philippians 4:19, Leviticus 20:32, 1 Timothy 5:1, Proverbs 31:30

Narrator: Male or Female, Introduction and summary

Lester, Husband adjusting to the peace and quiet of retirement and life at home after years in the work force.

Martha: Housewife, Mother, Grandmother, enjoying life along with husband but confronting problems associated with getting older.

Living Room setting; coat rack by door, bag of groceries, telephone and folded newspaper on table, simulated TV set, TV remote. 

* (Stage Directions)

NARRATOR: The drama you're about to see deals with an older retired couple who are learning to deal with the difficulties of aging. The scene opens in the living room as the harried husband, Lester, returns home from a trip to the market with the groceries. Can anything possibly go wrong to complicate this simple task?

LESTER: (Enters and sets the bag on the floor in front of the coat rack by the door, removes and hangs his jacket and walks over to his chair to sit down) Whew, Home at last. I really hate going shopping with all those people. (Rubs back of right ankle) That woman must have banged that cart into my leg twenty times! Itís a wonder Iím not crippled. You would think that those women would learn to handle a shopping cart. (Shakes head) They drive them just like their cars; follow too close, stop with no warning to chat, block the aisles. Now they even have motorized carts to inflict more damage. (Suddenly) Oh my gosh! Itís time for the game. Where is that darned remote? (Searches under cushions and chair looking for remote and then spots the morning paper on the table. Distracted, he picks up the newspaper and begins to scan it. Stops with blank expression as if thinking) I know Iíve forgotten something. (Thinks momentarily) Oh well, it couldnít have been that important. (Sits down and begins to read newspaper. After a few moments the door suddenly flings open).

MARTHA: (Martha enters shivering, obviously peeved. Her scarf is pulled tight on her head, the collar of her coat is turned up. She is wearing gloves and slacks. She stands for a moment staring at Lester who is startled by her noisy entry) You forgot me again! I waited on the cold parking lot for half an hour before I realized that you went home without me. You took the groceries and left me there! I had to walk all the way home!

LESTER: (Walks over to Martha, hugs her gently and pats her back) Iím sorry honey. I thought you were in the car with me. It was time for the baseball game to come on and I wanted to get home so I could watch all of it.

MARTHA: (Sighing) You're getting so forgetful lately. (Looks at bag of groceries sitting on the floor) You left the groceries sitting on the floor! Why didnít you take them in the kitchen? The frozen things are already starting to thaw!

LESTER: I was looking for the TV remote so I could watch the ball game. What did you do with it? You had it last night (Martha looks at Lester with doubtful smirk but does not reply)

MARTHA: (Removes and hangs up coat) Please take the groceries into the kitchen and Iíll look for the remote. (Lester picks up bag and exits to the kitchen. Martha begins to look around for the remote while talking to herself) Lord knows where he put it this time. Last time it was in his sock drawer.

LESTER: (Enters from kitchen and speaks to Martha) Did you find it? I looked everywhere, but no success.

MARTHA: Iím afraid itís really lost this time. Did you check your sock drawer? (Lester nods, Yes) Do we have time to look for it? What time does the game start?

LESTER: Iím not sure. (Martha picks up newspaper and turns to the TV Guide section) 

MARTHA: The game you wanted to see so badly was on last night! You forgot about it! 

LESTER: (Thinking) I guess I did at that. Sorry honey.

MARTHA: Iím going to call Susan and check on her and then Iím going to the kitchen to start dinner.

LESTER: Good idea. Seems like she never calls any more. Be sure to ask about whatís- his-name and the grandkids.

MARTHA: (Emphatically) Marvin, dear. His name is Marvin!

LESTER: Oh yeah. You would think after nine years I could remember that.

MARTHA: While Iím on the phone with Susan would you go to the kitchen and put the groceries away, please. 

LESTER: Sure I will. (Slowly exits to kitchen) 

MARTHA: Thank you dear. (Picks up telephone from table, Dials number and waits for answer-speaks to Susan) Hi, Susan. Itís just Mom (Listening) Oh yes, Dad and I are doing fine. How are Marvin and the kids? (Listening) Iím glad everyone is ok. Iím getting a little concerned about Dad though. (Listening) Oh, nothing bad, itís just that we are getting old and forgetful. The other day I walked into the kitchen and your Dad was going to make sandwiches for lunch. He was just standing in front of the refrigerator with a package of ham in his hand. He had this blank look on his face. He looked at me and said, ďAm I getting this out or putting it away?Ē He couldnít remember!Ē (Listening) Yes, getting old is scary some times. (Listening) Yes, Iíll call if I need anything. (Listening) Love you too. Goodbye. (Hangs up phone and winces at loud noise from kitchen like things being dropped on kitchen floor).

LESTER: (Enters with wide grin, rubbing palms together) I put the groceries away! (Pause for laugh) Did you find the remote? 

MARTHA: No dear, .IĎll help you find it later. (Takes Lesterís hand and sits down to talk with him) You know Lester, weíre getting older now and for the most part it is just the two of us. We have to be there for each other! Itís not just the memory problem. Itís all the challenges that we face every day. Thank goodness we have our faith to rely on. I know God is watching over us and will help us

LESTER: I know, Honey. Donít forget that God has already blessed us and we can always count on Him as well as each other. I may be getting gray and tend to forget little things now and then, but God always remembers and understands. Neither one of us is a spring chicken any more.

MARTHA: I have a little confession to make. Youíre not the only one having ďSenior Moments.Ē Just yesterday I went down to the laundry room with a few things to wash. When I got there I saw some things that needed mending, so I sat down and did the sewing. Then I got up, picked up the soiled clothes and took them back upstairs with me (Both laugh) I just shook my head in disbelief.

LESTER: Welcome to the club! This morning when I got up I walked in to the kitchen before you were awake intending to start some coffee for breakfast. I followed the usual procedure. (Demonstrating with hand. Martha nods with each step) I removed the old grounds and from the coffee makers basket, put a new filter in it. Then I rinsed out the water container, filled it to the 12 cup mark and replaced it. I put the filter basket back in and pressed the start button. The heating light came on and I went to the living room to watch TV while it brewed.

LESTER: A little later when you woke up, I bragged that the coffee was ready. You went to the kitchen to pour it and start breakfast and what did you find?

MARTHA: Hot Water! You forgot to put coffee in the filter basket! (Both laugh)

LESTER: (Chuckling) Remember the time that my Aunt Agnes intended to return a bag of wrong sized lingerie to Pennyís Catalog Store and stopped at the church on the way with a dish for the Deaconís Dinner? 

MARTHA: (Beginning to laugh) Who could forget that? She got them mixed up and took the food to Pennyís? (Laughing out loud)

LESTER: Canít you just see their faces when the Deacons began pulling Ladies underwear out of that bag? (Demonstrates taking clothing from imaginary bag, laughing with Martha) What a hoot!

LESTER: Seriously though, I believe that God will be with us and care for us even during those ďsenior momentsĒ We will make our share of mistakes, but he will always be there for us, just as we will be for each other. (Hug) Now, how about some dinner?

MARTHA: It wonít take me long. I just have to get a few things from the refrigerator. (Exits to kitchen) 

LESTER: (Returns to chair and again picks up the paper and begins to read. Suddenly a loud shout ďHALLELUJAHĒ rings from the kitchen) Startled, Lester jumps up crumpling the paper). 

MARTHA: ďHALLELUJAHĒ (Enters excitedly from kitchen, triumphantly waving the TV remote) I found it behind the pickles! (Holds up hand and Lester gives a high- 5) Címon help me fix dinner. (Both exit to kitchen holding hands)

NARRATOR: (Enters) It is clear that God takes special note of the aged and will never abandon them even in the midst of those ďSenior Moments.Ē The Bible teaches us that beauty and charm are fleeting and never to rebuke an elder. Instead, rise up and honor the gray hair and the careworn faces. Forget about age and concentrate on our shared love of God and each other. 


Copyright 2009 Richard Ruddle

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