The Servant 

A Teacher Recruiting Skit | by Cheryl Croushore

Characters: Gatekeeper, Mrs. Olson ( An older woman), John Smith

The scene opens at Heaven's Gate

Gatekeeper: Next, Next, Please keep the line moving.

Mrs. Olson: I think that I am next.

Gatekeeper: Name Please. (Opens Large Book)

Mrs. Olson: Charlotte Olson. I'm probably not in that big book. I would imagine that just the important Christians like Paul, Barnabas, or Fanny J. Crosby are in that big book. I'd be in the book for the people that loved and served the Lord but didn't really do anything real important.

Gatekeeper: There isn't any Charlotte Olson listed. Did you ever have another name?

Mrs. Olson: Well my name before I was married was Smithton, Barbara Smithton.

Gatekeeper: Did you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior as an adult or a child?

Mrs. Olson: I was a child. I remember the day as though it happened yesterday. I was in the 
Junior girls Sunday School Class. Mrs. Thomas was our teacher. She had this lesson on sin.
She used a black heart and a white heart and said that Jesus could change our black heart of sin
to a heart that was white as snow. I wanted that white Sinless heart so I asked Jesus into my heart to be my Savior. It was the best thing that I'd ever done.

Gatekeeper: Most people that accept Christ as their Savior do it before they are 12 years old. 
Only a small percentage of adults accept Jesus. That is why it is so important to teach the children. Your name is in the Book Of Life so go on into Heaven.

Gate opens and Mrs. Olson walks through. She stands there a moment looking around.

Young Man: Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Olson!

Mrs. Olson: Are you speaking to me young man?

Young Man: Don't you remember me?

Mrs. Olson: No, I'm afraid that I don't.

Young Man: I am Joe Jones.

Mrs. Olson: You mean you are little Joey Jones?!

Young Man: Yes, but I've grown up quite a bit. Mrs. Olson, you look surprised to see me.

Mrs. Olson: I don't mean to offend you, but I wasn't sure that I would see you here in heaven. I did pray for you but I wasn't sure that my teaching ever reached you.

Young Man: I know that I was the terror of 4th grade. But your love reached me. You never lost your patience with me. You made sure to include me in all the projects and class discussions. Even though I looked like I wasn't listening, Christ's words got through. Later in my life I got in trouble. I ended up in prison. I had a lot of time to think and I heard you telling the fourth grade class how much Jesus loved us. I remembered you saying that Jesus loved us so much that he died for us to provide us a way to heaven. I found the prison minister and gave my life to Jesus. When I was released from prison, I started working with kids that were like me.

Mrs. Olson: You mean just by my teaching Sunday School, You are in heaven?

Young Man: Yes! It made that much of a difference in my life.

(Stage goes dark. Play the Ray Boltz song, "Thank You"
You may find this song on the WOW Gold CD. Click Here)

Copyright 2002 Cheryl Croushore 

This play may be freely performed by all. Do not publish it or perform it for money.

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