Shepherds On The Hillside

Christmas Skit for Children's Ministry | by Faith Scott

Characters: Joel, Joshua, Eli, Able, Angel, Narrator.

Opening Scene: Shepherds around a campfire at night.

Joel: "Boy, I hate watching the sheep. It is so cold and Lonely out here. I wouldnít have to be here if Able had come."

Joshua: "I donít like it either, but there is no need complaining."

Eli: "Sometimes there are robbers out here at night and it scares me. And Uncle Amos is so old, he probably couldnít chase them away."

Joshua: "Come on, letís be positive. How about having something to eat and drink?"

(The shepherds start to eat and drink something)

Joel: "Shh! Listen, I hear something."

(All of them listening)

Eli: "I hear something too, and look I can see a light over there."

(Everyone looking in the direction of the light and looking scared)

Joshua: "Maybe it is robbers."

Eli: "If they are, they arenít being too quiet."

(Able walking towards the group, carrying some type of light, at a short distance he yells)

Able: "Hey, donít be afraid. Itís me, Able."

Joel: "O Boy, here comes Mr. Know-It-All."

Joshua: (As Able walks up) "Yeah, give us a heart attack."

Able: (approaching group) "HI"

Joshua: "Hi Able"

Joel: (grumpily) "Hi"

Eli: (excitedly and happy) " Hi Able!"

Able: (to Eli) "Hi Squirt."

Able: (to everyone) "So howís it going?"

Joel: "Itís kinda cold, dark, boring and scary out here."

Able: "Seen any animals yet." (He laughs)

Eli: "Lots of stars out tonight. There is a real bright one over there". (Pointing)

Able: "Boy, it is a bright one squirt, count on you to see it."

Eli: "Oh, I love looking at the stars, and that is the brightest star I have ever seen!"

Able: "The reason I didnít come out with you is because Father took me to the synagogue to worship with him."

Joel: "Well, arenít we special!"

Able: "Yes, I am really. But, let me tell you, it was really interesting. The Rabbis were talking about how a Savior will come and rescue us from the Romans. He will come and set us free! They read about him from the Torah, and everyone got real excited. It was very interesting."

Joshua: "He will have to be very powerful, the Romans have so many soldiers."
Joel: "And they are mean to us and take our money and we canít have anything. I hate the way they are."

Joshua: "So, when is this Savior coming? Soon I hope."

Able: "The Rabbis didnít say. Father says things are so bad he must be coming soon. They kept calling this Savior the Messiah."

Joel: "I donít know...its hard to believe anyone cares about us and wants to save us."

Joshua: "I agree. I donít believe it will happen; thereís no hope."

Eli: "Well, I believe".

Able: "Oh squirt, youíre too young to know what you believe."

Eli: "I do so believe. Something inside me tells me it is true."

Joel: "Iíd be happy if someone would save me from these dumb sheep."

Joshua: "Joel, youíre always complaining."

Able: "Well, it is getting late, lets get some sleep. Everything seems quiet and Amos is keeping watch."

(They all lay down. After everyone gets settled...a pause)

Eli: (Whispering to Able) "I think I hear something."

Joshua: "I hear something too."

Joel: "Me too, do you think it is a robber, or maybe an animal?"

Able: (Stands up and looks around) "Wait a minute, it sounds like music. Music!"

Joshua: (Pointing towards the angel) "Look!"

(All look scared and amazed)

(Eli gets behind Able and looks around. The others stand with their mouths open.)

(An Angel appears. Bright light and background music if possible.)

Angel: "Donít be afraid. I have something wonderful to tell you."

(The shepherds relax a little)

Joshua: "Who are you?"

Angel: "I am an angel. I come with a message from God. I've come to tell you that what Able told you is coming true. God is sending a Savior, the Messiah"

Joel: "Oh great Moses!"

Joshua: "Right now?"

Angel: "Tonight, but he is coming as a baby."

Joshua: "A baby? Are you sure? A baby canít save anyone, especially from the Romans!"

Angel: "God is sending a baby, his only Son. He will grow up to be the Savior of the world. He will bring hope, love and joy to all who believe in Him. He will save mankind from their sins and give them eternal life. He is being born this night in the little town of Bethlehem, in a stable. Go see for yourselves."

(The Angel and music fade away)

Able: "Did you hear that? Boy, this is great news!"

Joshua: "An angel, music, maybe I am dreaming?"

Joel: "We canít all be dreaming."

Joshua: "I canít believe it!"

Eli: "I believe it. I told you I believed."

Able: "So you did squirt, so you did."

Joshua: "Wow! Lets go to Bethlehem and see this baby like the angel said."

All the others: "Yes, letís go!"

Joel: "God has heard the prayers of his people. But we are just shepherds. What can we do for the baby?"

Able: "We can tell others the good news. We can tell others the good news!"

Narrator: The story of the coming of the Messiah so long ago is still good news today. And what can we do? We can tell others the good news, just as the shepherds and the followers of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior have done throughout the ages. Lets us continue telling the good news, the Messiah has come!

Copyright 2002 Faith Scott

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