God's Shipping & Receiving Department 

Skit About Infant Baptism | by Gail Peterson

Purpose: A puppet skit with a simple explanation on baptism. Gabby is a pink flamingo used in our puppet ministry at Grace Lutheran Church, St. Charles Illinois.

Pastor: Good morning, Gabby! What's new?

Gabby: "when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight"* I'll ship it.

Pastor: Gabby, that's the Federal Express slogan for shipping packages. What does that have to do with church?

Gabby: Good morning, Pastor....I have a new job; a very important job.....(whispers) I made it up by myself.

Pastor: I see! (Pastor reads signs) God's Shipping & Receiving Dept. Explain!

Gabby: Well, Grace Church (use your own church name) is now the new Shipping & Receiving Dept. for God. 

Pastor: Okay, I have just one question....WHY?

Gabby: Wow, only 1 question? Hmmmm. Well, it's very simple.

Pastor: Gabby, it's never simple with you...but please continue.

Gabby: It really has to do with baptism; which should be the beginning of your life journey.

Pastor: Yes 

Gabby: Well, the Boss, that's God, He created everything but with babies, well, he hand-crafts each one, makes them very special because they are a gift from the Boss, that's God.

Pastor: That's right, Gabby. Babies are a gift from God. And remember, God sent us His son, Jesus, as a gift to all of us. But what about the baptism.

Gabby: Well, you see...in the Gospel it said that when Jesus was baptized, a voice came from heaven and said, "You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." I'm guessing that was the Boss.

Pastor: I prefer to call Him God, Gabby.

Gabby: Oh, sure. Well, then Jesus lives His life, and helps lots of people, makes miracles and tries to teach people all about God's love and then He dies but all along, He knew He would have everlasting life with his Father, God.

Pastor: Okay, Gabby, you're on the right track.

Gabby: So, when Jesus died on the cross, 3 days later, He rose and ascended into heaven for His everlasting life because He followed God's love, God's word, God's rules.

Pastor: Yes, He most certainly did. But again, Gabby, what does that have anything to do with Shipping & Receiving?

Gabby: I'm gettin' to that. God is actually the main Shipping & Receiving Dept.

Pastor: WHAT?

Gabby: Okay, so babies are born, a gift from God, He sort of SHIPS the baby, and then they come here to Grace Church (insert your own church name) and are baptized and you tell their parents and their Godparents to help the baby grow and follow all of God's word because if they do, they'll go back to God for everlasting life. So then, God becomes the RECEIVING dept. cause He takes them back. Now here's the interesting part.

Pastor: There's more??

Gabby: Yep....well, when you sprinkle water on the baby's head; it's a secret inscription only God can see.

Pastor: Really? What does it say?

Gabby: Well, we can't read it, only God can. But I figured it out.

Pastor: And you're going to tell us, right???

Gabby: It's simple, the secret message is "RETURN TO SENDER," and that would be God. So I'm here to receive the babies, put their names in the inventory and make sure you put that special inscription on each one so they eventually will be returned to God. So that's my job.

Pastor: A truly unique job it is.

Copyright 2003 Gail Peterson

"God's Shipping & Receiving" script can be edited, copied and distributed without prior permission if there is no charge made for the work produced. This copyright notice should be included. If this work is edited, please include "edited by" under my name, Gail Peterson.

* Federal Express advertising slogan.

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