What Did They Do? 

As told by the five wives of Bible Heroes | by Richard Ruddle

Biblical Reference: Psalm 27: 1, 14

Length: 6-8 minutes

Cast: Mrs. Moses, Mrs. Joshua, Mrs. Jonah, Mrs. Noah, Mrs. Jacob, Narrator.

Props: Five chairs (preferably rockers) seated side-by-side facing the audience. Lap robes and house slippers are optional.

Narrator Sets Scene

It is evening at the "Heavenly Home" and the elderly wives of biblical heroes are relaxing on the front porch and reminiscing about the "Old Days." There were difficult times in the past for each of them but, as with all human experiences, there were humorous moments too. Let's listen to them for a moment as they reminisce. (Narrator exits)

Mrs. Jonah: Wow! Look at that sunset. (Shades eyes with hand) Can GOD cook or can HE cook? 

Mrs. Noah: It's so nice to be outdoors where I can appreciate the beauty of God's creation. (All express their appreciation)

Mrs. Moses: You know girls, the Lord has been good to us and we all have had wonderful lives, although it wasn't always easy. (All agree) Our husbands were always busy and they were away from home a lot. (All nod knowingly)

Mrs. Jonah: That's true; there have been some tough times. I remember once when Jonah was gone for a long time and finally came home smelling like a fish market. I asked where he had been because I was so worried. He said he had been swallowed up by a great fish and wasn't able get out of it until that morning. Can anyone swallow that one?

Mrs. Jacob: Sounds like a "fish story" to me! (Others nod)

Mrs. Jonah: I know, I had a hard time with that one too. But didn't it seem like they were always going off somewhere and leaving us behind?

Mrs. Joshua: It sure did. I remember when Joshua was off on a trek to Jericho with his army buddies. The residents did not welcome them, apparently. I was later told that they marched around and around the city walls, blowing horns, shouting loudly and stomping their feet until the ground actually shook and the walls came tumbling down. 

Mrs. Jonah (Sarcastically): You know how those military guys act when they are away from home!

Mrs. Moses: Remember the time when Moses and his brother Aaron went to ask Pharaoh to let our people go? Aaron threw his staff on the ground and it became a serpent that ate up all of the serpents produced by Pharaoh's magicians!

Mrs. Jonah: We sure do. Pharaoh still wouldn't let our people go and they put more barriers in our way. More problems than Moses and Aaron could "shake a stick at" you might say. (All chuckle)

Mrs. Moses: You know, the Exodus seems like only yesterday. It was pretty tough at the time though. We walked and walked and walked and then walked some more. We crossed the Red Sea and not one of us had a swimsuit or sunscreen. (All tsk. tsk). And you know what that desert wind can do to a girl's complexion when you spend 40 years there waiting for your husband to finally ask for directions! (Rubs cheeks) Too bad cosmetics didn't come until later. Where was "Mary Kay" when I needed her most? (All laugh)

Mrs. Jacob: That is so typical! Husbands all do the most frustrating things. I remember once when Jacob came home limping after being out all night, His clothes were filthy and torn. It looked like he had been run over by a caravan of camels. I asked where he had been and why he was in such a condition? You know what he told me?

Mrs. Jonah: I can hardly wait to hear this one. It had better be SOME explanation.

Mrs. Jacob: It was. He told me that he had spent the entire night wrestling with an Angel (pauses and nods). That really stunned me. Before I could recover, he added; "that guy was really tough!" Jacob was on his way home from offering sacrifice on the mount when he met this "Angel." I'm not clear on how it started, but it seems that this "Angel" grabbed Jacob's leg and twisted it so hard that he couldn't walk on it. That's why he was limping. 

Mrs. Jonah: They must be making those Angels tougher now days. Sounds more like those Mediterranean Wrestling Alliance "Hulks" the Romans have competing in the arena. I heard that one of them was referred to as an "Angel" of some sort. (All Agree) 

Mrs. Jacob: I don't let him forget about it either. When we get ready to go somewhere I always remind him to "shake a leg, the good one!"

Mrs. Noah: Sometimes it was just as bad when you got to go along with your husband. I remember being in the Ark during the great flood. Just imagine being locked up inside a floating zoo with animals of every kind. We had very few comforts; no windows, no ventilation, no air conditioning, no showers and deodorant hadn't been invented yet. (Pauses and holds nose) On top of that, we had the kids and grandkids all wanting to know "if we were there yet" and needing bathroom breaks. It was "Mom, I need" or "Grandma, I need" every two seconds.

Mrs. Jonah: Whew! What a bummer!

Mrs. Noah: That's not the worst of it. Someone had to spend the day cleaning the animals stalls and shoveling, "you know what." Of course "housekeeping" was the wife's job. (All make faces and agree).

Mrs. Joshua: We all had some tough times back then. But we also had the very best help a person could ask for (looks toward heaven with hands in praying position). Without HIS help we never would have made it.

Mrs. Jacob: Right on! The Lord was always ready to lend his strength and wisdom whenever we were afraid or doubtful. We all know that was often.

Mrs. Moses: So true! I was afraid so many times when we seemed lost and unable to go on. I'm sure our husbands felt that way too when we were threatened by hunger, armies, deserts, or just indecision. We know what they did at those times don't we girls?

Mrs. Joshua: At those times they all called upon the LORD and HE was always there to strengthen and protect them and us. I know he will always be there. (All agree). 

Mrs. Moses: Well, it's getting late; we had better call it day. 

Mrs. Jonah: Yes. The "Good Ol' Boys" will be waiting for us!

(All rise and slowly begin to walk off stage).

NARRATOR: (Enters) We must always remember what the Bible tells us: The LORD is our light and our salvation; HE is the strength of our lives, whom shall we fear? We must wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he will strengthen our hearts. 

Copyright 2007 Richard Ruddle

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