Who is Going to Help? 

Christian Drama | by J and D Productions


2 young people
The Angel Gabriel
Lady Angel
Mom and Dad


MOM: I don’t know how people make it these days. Prices are so outrageous and they’re just getting higher.
DAD: And how about the news? Earthquakes have rocked the Caribbean and we might have more to come. We hear global warming is a threat to our existence.
KYLE: What is global warming, Dad?
MOM: I don’t want him to know about that. Nobody knows the future. 
DAD: It’s enough just to worry about our home and our provisions. 
MOM: And we need a little entertainment once in a while – right?
STACEY: Yeah Dad, what about that trip you promised; we were suppose to go to the mountains.
MOM: We’ll just have to go when we can. Besides, you kids have the tent out back that you are going to sleep in.
KYLE: I want the real thing – bears – lake fishing – wood chopping. Kinda like a reality show – right? (He punches his dad in the arm.)
DAD: It will happen when or if I get a vacation. 
KYLE: That has something to do with our money – doesn’t it?
MOM: Don’t you worry about that. We have what we need…probably not what we want
STACEY: I saw the cutest poodle at the pet shop…I would love to take a poodle home. Can I get one for my birthday Dad?
DAD: You know we’ve had to cut back on buying things - it’s going to have to wait.
MOM: I guess you have all heard that many times…wait, wait.
DAD: If that’s all we have to worry about it would be a good thing. (He looks at Mom.) I wish we wouldn’t see a war on the news that depletes our economy.
STACEY: What does deplete mean, Dad?
DAD: It’s when you take out more than you put in…like a bank account. If you take out all the money you have and can’t replace it, they might close your account.
KYLE: Hey gang, it’s about time to head for the tent…no bears to worry about – right? – except Dad..
DAD: You kids behave yourselves out there. The neighbors can probably hear everything. (The children get up and leave. Mom and Dad are alone.) I hate to bring all that up with the kids, but they need to know what’s happening.
MOM: Fortunately they don’t understand much of it. I have hopes times will change, but sometimes I wonder.
(Mom and Dad continue watching T.V. and in a few minutes the children return, dressed like orphans. They are in ragged clothes and don’t have shoes on.) Look Dad, the kids look like orphans.
DAD: I didn’t raise you kids to be dressed like that. You look like a group straight from the county home. What happened when you were out back? This is like a bad dream.
KYLE: What did you expect Dad. From what you were saying and what you heard on the news, we’re all in a bad situation. We begin to feel alone and without anyone to care – just like orphans. (He reads the following poem:)

Sometimes I am so lonely - I don’t know what to do.
I cannot go a-fishing – with bait of just a few.
I am a lonely fisherman – nobody wants around.
But Jesus hears my whimper – he knows my every sound.
I tell Him that I’m lonely – there’s nothing I can do.
I tell Him that I’m troubled – I cannot shine my shoe.
He takes my hand and leads me – into a world of joy.
Where nothing can deceive me – I am His little boy.

STACEY: Hey Dad, I’ve got one for you too. (She quotes the following poem:)

Sometimes I am so lonely – I don’t know what to do.
I cannot write a letter – or even tie my shoe.
I’m just no good for anyone – to ever want around.
But Jesus knows my sorrow – He hears my every sound.
I tell him that I’m lonely – there’s nothing I can do.
I tell him that I’m troubled – I cannot find my shoe.
He takes my hand and leads me – into a better world.
Where no one can deceive me – I am His little girl.

(Mom and Dad put on old bathrobes over their clothes.)

MOM: This is all we have to wear. You make us feel so bad about what we said, but then we feel so good when you talk about Jesus. How did this all happen?
STACEY: It’s like we’re in a dream but yet we’re not.
(A Preacher appears and opens his Bible. He begins to give a speech.)
PREACHER: Yes, you are like orphans. You worry about what you don’t have, without gratitude for what you do have. You watch T.V. which shows you products you can’t afford to buy. And the news is nothing but bad. We feel useless as if the hands God gave us are only to operate the remote control. We live through T.V. and our own lives are boring.
DAD: Preacher, you seem to have an attitude. You are blaming and judging us.
PREACHER: I’ve been appointed by God to tell you the truth. The truth will set you free.
DAD: You’re just like the newscasters. You’re telling us we’re unable to change our situation.
PREACHER: The first step in that process is to see what you’re doing. Look what these kids are thinking.
DAD: I wish you would put them back in their proper clothes, the ones we’ve bought for them.
PREACHER: Let’s think about something other than what we have or what we can get.
DAD: But I care about my children. 
PREACHER: Don’t get upset, they’ll be returned to their normal states as soon as you hear and see this entire dream.
It’s not a nightmare because I think a nightmare is what you have been living. You are losing your health by sitting in front of the T.V. and munching.
MOM: You’re getting personal now. We do enjoy a little ice cream now and then, but we’re not excessive…we’re not overweight…by much.
PREACHER: I’m not going there. My main point is that you need to think in a bigger way. You need to think outside of the box known as your T.V. You need to do some kingdom thinking because “The Kingdom of God is Within”.
KYLE: Wow, that sounds interesting. I think I heard something like that at church once…but it’s been a while.
STACEY: Yeah, Dad likes to watch the games on Sunday and Mom likes to go out with friends.
MOM: (angry) Don’t make me feel any worse than I do. It’s just been a while – we have nothing against church. This is all so bizarre that I feel like I want to take out the Bible . 
DAD: Say, good idea. Let’s get the Bible and try to find out more about this orphan mentality. 
PREACHER: I’m right with you. Let’s start by putting on our new selves as it says in the Bible: “Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.” (“Colossians” 3:1,2.)
MOM: It’s there – all of it – and that’s not the way I’ve been thinking. I’ve been depressed.
DAD: The news is depressing, but what do we do instead? 
PREACHER: You know how you can find out what to do? Listen to some of your friends at church. Other people are usually more than ready to lend advice.
MOM: Mrs. Smythe is always telling me to grow a vegetable garden…say…I could be reading gardening books at night. 
STACEY: Yeah, and then Mom wouldn’t be talking about other people on the phone. (Mom wags a finger at Stacey.)
MOM: And this is so hopeful because instead of complaining about food prices all the time I could be doing something about them.
PREACHER: T.V. is a main carrier of the orphan virus – we watch people trying to sell things we can’t afford or we watch programs where people are caught in their own lies or those of other people. These are like an orphan’s nightmare.
DAD: I’d better wake up and play word games with the kids. I’d like to increase my own vocabulary.
KYLE: I could be doing some of the extra projects on the internet…then for sure I’d never be bored…especially since I could choose which ones I want to do.
STACEY: I could be making doll dresses for Barbie…I’ve always wanted to design.
MOM: I would help you Stacey, I really would. (The other kids cheer.)
PREACHER: There’s some other friends I’d like you to meet who will help you feel adopted and secure.

(In walk several angels who proclaim over the group.) First, there’s the Angel Gabriel.

ANGEL GABRIEL: (in a voice that echoes) I’m here to let you know that all prayers are answered. The answers are either yes, no, or maybe. There will be many times when you will feel like an orphan and have no one or nothing to turn to. Driving your new car will not be an answer, buying that coat will not be an answer, your own family will not have an answer. Life brings these times, and the only satisfaction you will find is to pray.
THE LADY ANGEL: Then wait for an answer. I will assure you upon my very appearance that every single question or request will be answered.
DAD: You can’t be an orphan if you accept this. How can I deny the truth when I see it all around me. Once upon a time I prayed for a family and look at me now. (He hugs his wife and children.)
MOM: And I prayed for health and the only setbacks have been candy and teeth, knees and skateboarding, games and bruises, school and colds. Just the usual.
ANGEL GABRIEL: Most importantly, the kingdom of God is within. If all we do is complain and criticize, we are belittling the minds that God has given us. Your mind is to solve problems and make life a better place for all. It’s not to pick apart what God has made.
DAD: God’s in everything.
LADY ANGEL: I’ll sing you a song. (Everybody gathers around the LADY ANGEL.)

Oh my Lord, it is true
As a rosebud I love you.
There has never been another
I sing my love songs to my brother.

Oh, my God, my King,
I kiss your face, I touch your feet.
The beauty of your eyes at night
Are the stars that heaven lights.

The fabric of your gleaming gown
Holds things undreamed of and your crown.
You are the eternal bliss I see
Beyond the oceans and the seas.

MOM: May I add a verse?
ANGEL GABRIEL: We would be honored.
MOM: (sings or quotes this verse)

When I leave this world I’ll send
A silent kiss and smile to thee.
You are in me and I am in thee
And we are in everything I see.

STACEY: So God is here with us. He sure is.
(The Lady Angel and the Preacher disappear.)
Kids: (together) That’s for sure.
ANGEL GABRIEL: (reaches behind him for crowns) Instead of these rags you are wearing I will place a crown upon your head and a cloak around your shoulders. Now you are inheritors of the kingdom. (The Angel Gabriel disappears and the group is left standing in cloaks and crowns.)

PRODUCTION NOTES: The poems in this skit may be either sung or quoted. You may add cloaks and crowns, both or one on each person. The quoted Bible verse is from The New International Version.

Copyright 2010 J and D Productions (Donna Gordon and Janet Bingham)

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