Story of Zacchaeus

Puppet Skit for Children's Ministry | by Dana L. Gagnon

Cast: Zacchaeus, Mr. Sycamore (coughs throughout the skit), Voice of Jesus (no puppet needed)

(Zacchaeus enters looking around.)

Zacchaeus: Did I hear my name? Iím sure I heard someone say ďZacchaeus.Ē Hmmph. Oh well. Of course, ďZacchaeusĒ is my formal name. My friends would call me ďZachĒ-if I had any. My mother doesnít even call me Zach anymore. Actually, she doesnít call me anything. She wonít talk to me at all anymore. Hmm. Itís not my fault I had to be the one to take away her life savings. Business is business. Taxes have to be paid you know. Eh. Oh well. What are you going to do? I guess itís lonely at the top. (sighs) Öreal lonely.

Mr. Sycamore enters, trying to sneak by Zacchaeus so Zacchaeus doesnít see him. Unfortunately, Mr. Sycamore coughs, and Zacchaeus turns around. Mr. Sycamore is holding a little sack.

Zacchaeus: Mr. Sick-some-more!

Mr. Sycamore: Thatís Syc-A-more-like the tree.

Zacchaeus: Whatever. Mr. Sick-some-more, I just wanted to remind you that I expect to be collecting this weekís taxes from you tomorrow.

Mr. Sycamore: What?! I just gave you a bag of silver coins yesterday! I have nothing left!

Zacchaeus: Whatís that, then?

Mr. Sycamore: THIS bag is for the doctor. I need to do something about this cough Iíve had for weeks.

Zacchaeus: Well, if youíve had it for weeks, then youíre probably used to it by now. Why donít you just give me that bag now (Zacchaeus swipes bag), and it will save you the trip tomorrow.

Mr. Sycamore: (stamping offstage) ARGGGGHHHH!

Zacchaeus: Have a nice day! Well, I guess not everyone appreciates a head for business.

Mr. Sycamore re-enters the stage in a hurry.

Mr. Sycamore: Hey, Zacchaeus. Have you heard about the new Rabbi traveling around the country?

Zacchaeus: New Rabbi? Let me check my tax records. No, no one new has applied for tax-free clergy status lately.

Mr. Sycamore: Whatever that means. Zacchaeus, you must have silver coins in your ears if you havenít heard about Jesus. Heís been traveling from city to city teaching people about God and His kingdom in Heaven.

Zacchaeus: No news there. Thereís always some rabbi traveling around to explain the holy scriptures. Whatís the big deal about this guy?

Mr. Sycamore: Whatís the big deal?! Jesus doesnít just TALK about the scriptures-He makes them come alive. Did you know He made a blind man see, and a man who couldnít walk, walk again? Iím going to find Him-He can make this cough go away.

Zacchaeus: Hmm. Sounds expensive. From what Iíve seen on your Form 1040 EZ, I doubt you can afford Him.

Mr. Sycamore: Zacchaeus, He doesnít charge anything for healing people. He says that God wants to give us things like that as gifts, like a father gives gifts to his kids. I gotta run. I donít want to miss Jesus!

(Mr. Sycamore exits in a hurry.)

Zacchaeus: He heals for free, huh. Not much of a businessman. I remember getting a gift from my dad when I was a kid once. You really have to love someone to want to give them a gift. I donít suppose there are a lot of folks out there that love me right now. I donít know why this Jesus man would be any different.

Hmm. I sure would like to hear Him ďmake the scriptures come aliveĒ though. Maybe I could go and just blend in with the crowd. Itís not like Heíd notice me with all the people that have been following Him.

Zacchaeus: Hey. These crowds are a problem. How is it that everyone manages to grow taller than me. Youíd think I was short or something. I got to see Jesus. How am I supposed to see over these giants? Oh look-a sycamore tree. Just what I need. When Jesus passes by this spot, Iíll have a great view from here.

(Offstage: Crowd sounds)

Jesus (from offstage): I did not come to save perfect people, but to save sinners.

Zacchaeus: He came to save the sinners! Folks like me who have no friends because theyíre mean to them!. Maybe Jesus would love me.

Jesus (from offstage): Zacchaeus, come down.

Zacchaeus: I heard my name again. Must be something in my earsÖ

Jesus (from offstage): Zacchaeus, come down.

Zacchaeus: Gasp! Jesus, you canít mean me?

Jesus (from offstage): Zacchaeus, Iím coming to your house for lunch today.

Zacchaeus: But, but, butÖ You donít know how rotten I am! You donít know what Iíve done!

Jesus (from offstage): Zacchaeus, I know you, and I choose your house to come to today.

Zacchaeus: Yes, Lord! Iíll come down right away!

Zacchaeus exits. Crowd sounds fade.

Later, Zacchaeus bumps into Mr. Sycamore on stage. Mr. Sycamore is not coughing.

Mr. Sycamore: Oh, Zacchaeus, Iím kind of in a hurryÖI need to rotate my catÖ (tries to hurry away)

Zacchaeus: Wait! Mr. Sycamore-thereís something different about you. Did you get a new haircut?

Mr. Sycamore: No

Zacchaeus: Contacts?

Mr. Sycamore: No

Zacchaeus: A new outfit?

Mr. Sycamore: NO!

Zacchaeus: What could it be then?

Mr. Sycamore: My cough is gone! Iím so happy! Jesus healed my cough! I can finally breathe easier again.

Zacchaeus: Wonderful! Mr. Sycamore-Iím so happy for you!

Mr. Sycamore: You are? Really?

Zacchaeus: Yes-I really am. Mr. Sycamore, when Jesus was here yesterday, He came to my house and spoke with me.

Mr. Sycamore: He came to YOUR house?! Youíre kidding!

Zacchaeus: No-Iím not. I realized that I was not acting the way God wanted me to, and I promised I would pay back everyone I took too many taxes from.

Mr. Sycamore: Now I know youíre kidding. I donít believe you.

Zacchaeus: Here. (Zacchaeus hands Mr. Sycamore four sacks of money.)

Mr. Sycamore: Wait-thatís four times what you took from me!

Zacchaeus: I know. I donít care about those coins any more. I just want to do the things God wants me to. Have a blessed day, Mr. Sycamore-and take care of that cat of yours.

Mr. Sycamore: Iíve had quite a blessed day already, Zacchaeus.

Both exit in different directions.

Copyright 2002 Dana L. Gagnon 

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