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  "His Name Shall Be Called..."  TM
Lessons For Children On The Names of God. 
        (An excellent follow up to
God's Top Ten!)

  2nd Edition--includes more activities!

Click the cover to sample lesson one.

Have you ever wondered how we got our last names or what they mean? For example, the last name, “Miller,” originally described a person’s job. A miller owned or worked in a grain mill grinding corn, wheat, or some other type of grain. Someone named “North,” was a description of where a person lived--he or she lived “north” of a certain town. The name “Smith” described a metalworker, or “Brown,” someone with brown hair or skin. People would refer to others by saying, John the miller or Mike the smith or Rebecca from the north or Jim with a brown beard, is coming here or doing such and such. Eventually the titles were dropped and they became known as John Miller, Mike Smith, Rebecca North and Jim Brown. 

In the Bible, God is known by many names; they too define him--as Protector, Defender, Friend, Advisor, Judge, and Savior to name just a few. The Third Commandment says, “Do Not Misuse God’s Name.” Through the study of "His Name Shall Be Called..." it is our desire that children will learn new respect and honor for the God we serve! For kindergarten - 5th grade.

Lessons include:
1. I AM, I Am the Alpha and Omega  
2. King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, 
    Beautiful Crown 
3. I Am The Bread of Life  
4. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah 
5. Jehovah-YAHWEH
6. I Am The Resurrection
7. I Am The Way, The Truth, and The Life
8. I Am The True Vine
9. I Am The Gate...I Am The Good Shepherd
10. The Trinity

Book includes: 20, one-hour sessions, 18 Christian Crafts (13 crafts and 5 yummy devotions), 18 Bible Games, a T-Shirt design for your children's program, and  Scripture memory card patterns. 

His Name Shall Be Called...  TM

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