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    An exciting addition to lesson time! 

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 Ten Commandments Video Presentation
Amazing results . . .You try it! 

A wise heart accepts commands. Proverbs 10:8 (NRIV)

Captivate the children in your ministry by using our video. The Ten Commandments have never been easier to learn! 

Our memorization technique is perfect for all ages and different kinds of learners-- visual, kinesthetic, and auditory.

A great way for families, schools, and churches to learn God's Top Ten.

*Ordered according to the traditional Hebrew Scriptures.


Get More Ten Commandments Resources. . .Combine our video with our other Ten Commandments resources and you'll have a complete package for teaching God's Top Ten ---help your kids memorize them for life!


The Look n' Learn Ten Commandments poster
is a great memory tool for use in classrooms and bedrooms, or wherever people need reminding of God's Top Ten Commandments! (That would be everywhere. . . right?)

God's Top 10 curriculum series.


The Look n' Learn Flash Cards (a download item)
are a perfect accompaniment to our video presentation.

Kids can make and take home their own set!


Purchase them separately or get them for free when ordering God's Top Ten book 
(hard copy or e-book version).


LOVE the signs! This grew into quite an empowering ministry for kids and adults. My sister and I have taught HUNDREDS of people over the past few years, even in Mexico and El Salvador!
~ E. Butler

These were absolutely amazing! I probably could have named four of the commandments prior to preparing for this lesson for our kindergarteners, and now both my daughter and I can go through all ten!
~Jamie in Pennsylvania

I want you to know how much fun I had with the 10 commandment signs on my trip to Central America. The first week my sister and I gave instructions on basic ideas for Children's ministry in 4 churches and also spoke in a Christian school. The kids in the high school really took to the commandment help, as did the ministry leaders we spoke to in some of the churches. Also a Jr. church in one of the churches learned very quickly through this method.

My favorite was at the end of week 2 when we introduced it to the ex-gang guys that have formed a group called, Los Discipulos. They are break-dancers and use that venue to get kids to open up to them - then give their testimonies and lead people to Christ. They go places others dare not venture and the guys are very effective. They also have been returning to areas and leading small Bible Studies and minister to younger kids as well...I taught them the 10 commandments. They LOVED IT! The more I reviewed, the better they got and the more they wanted to review it again! Even a boy on our team, 19 years old and a student at Purdue University here in Indiana, joined in with the guys and learned the 10 commandments. The next day, I didn't go with them, but they all worked together painting at an orphanage. The Purdue boy said the gang and he kept challenging each other all day through the 10 commandments review - just calling out a number to see who could remember it first. That was such a blessing to hear. The guys from the gang said this would not only help them teach the kids the commandments, but also help them show the older teens how they can see clearly that they are sinners in need of a Savior.

~Emmalea in Indiana

We used the Look n' Learn technique last Fall. When we reviewed them a semester later, the kids remembered every one of them!

North Palm Beach, FL