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Ten Commandments Resources for Children's Ministry










Ten Commandments "Look n' Learn" Flash Cards
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God's Top 10 Bible Lessons in PDF e-book format.

God's Top Ten Bible lesson plans
     (Available in PDF e-book format only.)


Ten Commandments "Look n' Learn" Poster  
(Printed material: 12" x 18" at-a-glance full-color poster.

Ten Commandments Bible Bookmarks 
(2" x 7" - Sold in packets of 10)

        Video Presentation (Digital download)

We have been breaking down the 10 commandments and teaching the kids how each one applies to their lives. We have a very "hands-on" group of kids and they really have enjoyed the hand gestures to help them remember them. We also use The Ten Commandment Boogie song by Go Fish and use the hand gestures as motions for the song. I really enjoy teaching the kids hands-on ways of remembering and applying Scripture to their lives. Thank you for the resources to aid in biblical teaching! God bless you! ~Tammy F.