Beatitudes Memory Match-Up 

A great add-on activity for the BE-Attitudes for Kids*

Beatitudes activity for children

The memory "match-up" technique must have a definitive two-part Bible verse, such as found in the Beatitudes. For example: Blessed are the poor in spirit---for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. The verse is then shortened to one or a few words for its essence: Poor in Spirit---Kingdom of Heaven. Before using this technique, it's important to spend time studying the Beatitudes. This is most helpful as a review memory game.

What you need: two colors of index cards, marker. 

What you do: On one of the colored index cards write the first part of the Beatitude (listed below on the left), and on the other colored index cards write the second part of the Beatitude (listed below on the right). 

Ways to play: If you have a large number of children, give each child one card or give small groups one card. Have the children or groups of children find their match. For smaller groups of kids, scramble the cards and have them work together to match the cards. You can also play a memory match game, whereby you place the cards faced down. Children or teams take turns turning over two cards at a time attempting to make a match. If a match is made, player or team goes again. If a match is not made, next player or team takes their turn. Play until all the cards are matched. The player or team with the most matches wins.

Poor in Spirit -- Kingdom of Heaven
Mourn -- Comforted
Meek -- Inherit Earth
Hunger & Thirst -- Filled
Merciful -- Receive Mercy
Pure in Heart -- See God
Peacemakers -- Children of God
Persecuted for Righteousness -- Kingdom of Heaven

What other Bible verses could be used this way? Send in your suggestion!

Copyright 2019 Sarah Keith

*This activity is not included in the BE-Attitudes for Kids Bible Lessons.

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