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Chunking Challenge Answers 

Chunking is the key to memorizing small bits of information and is the desired goal for playing Bible Stack-O!

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1. B. Deuteronomy

2. C. Song of Solomon

3. C. Esther

4. A. Lamentations

5. D. Psalms

6. D. Acts

7. C. Galatians

8. A. Philemon

9. B. James

10. C. Revelation

Bible Stack-O! teaches kids how to chunk Scripture!

Play your cards right and you'll learn the books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation! A fun game for home, church and after-school clubs! With three ways to play for younger and older kids. Includes an option to play with an entire classroom too. The 66 Bible cards include a content summary, "Bible trivia" of each book. For ages 8 and Up | 2-4 Players. Fun for adults too! 

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