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Bible Skits: Based on the book of Ruth

Sample Act One

Ruth Bible SkitsA unique and interactive teaching tool! - Quick Bible skits for today's kids! - No memorization required! A great resource for Sundays, midweek, summer classes or children's church! (For grades 2-8.) 

Teacher Introduction

The book of Ruth is a beautiful, Hebrew short story, which focuses on Ruth's unselfish loyalty to Naomi and Boaz's commitment to these two widows. The story is primarily about Naomi's transformation from despair to joy due to the self-giving love of Ruth and Boaz. 

You might ask, "Why is this story important for today's kids?" I'm glad you asked! The story of Ruth is ultimately about God's love and provision for those who are part of God's family, not because of birthright, but because of their faith and loyalty in God. In this story we also learn about Boaz, Ruth and Naomi's Kinsmen Redeemer. It is he who paid off their debts and restored their relationship in the community. In turn, Jesus is our Kinsmen-Redeemer, who has brought us out of slavery to sin, cancelled our debt and has restored us, giving us a hope and joy for the future.

The skits in this series require little to no set up for staging or costuming. However, if you're looking to enhance the skit, consider these suggestions. For example, children can participate in decorating, costuming or improvising as part of their hands-on Bible skit experience. Ideally a costume box, clothes rack or wardrobe closet will be provided for the actors. If your church cannot afford costumes, then improvise by using various wide strips of cloth, towels or smocks to drape over shoulders and heads and tie off with cloth belts. Wigs, beards, costume jewelry and theater makeup are also fun items. If you don't prefer to use costumes, then simply assign parts and/or pin signs on actors to indicate who they are portraying.

Whenever possible, and before handing out the scripts to the actors, read the Bible story from a child-friendly Bible or relay it in your own words. After you've told the story, choose your actors, and have them highlight their parts. The length of each script varies; allow plenty of time for practice. Make sure you help children learn to pronounce difficult words before beginning. Encourage your actors to "ham it up" or keep it serious when appropriate. If possible, videotape your skits. Not only will this make it more fun for them, it will serve to reinforce the lesson while the class watches their video, and it will provide a "living Bible" memory-maker for your church! You could also provide a copy for each actor to take home. The amount of time you put into the skits is determined by how elaborate you want to make them. You could easily spend several weeks creating the sets and costumes, or spend no time at all with that aspect of it. 

For smaller classes, children may act out more than one part. For larger classes, certain parts such as narrator, crowd or elder may be expanded into more than one part if needed. Before class you would number or split those parts, depending on how many extra actors you have. 

Directors, Actors and Backstage Hands

Director is always the teacher who instructs actors during practice. 

Narrator can be the teacher or an older child who reads well. 

Camera-person should be an adult, or an older, responsible child. 

Lighting - This is a perfect position for a child or children who do not want a speaking part. Use spotlights or large flashlights to shine on the other actors during the performance. 

Set Design - An actual stage is not necessary. The children can design background scenes using large sheets of butcher paper and colored markers or crayons. Read the story or part of the story from the Bible passage first, and then allow the class to imagine and create the background scene for the "stage." You can also copy pictures onto overhead sheets and project them onto large sheets of paper for children to trace the scenes and color them. Improvising is the key to a successful performance! Have fun teaching your kids to act on their faith! 

For Jesus and his Kingdom,
Sarah Keith <><

Our skits coincide with the four chapters of the book of Ruth: 
Act One: Where You Go, I'll Go
Act Two: Things Are Looking Up
Act Three: The Big Date
Act Four: Redeemed!

Sample Act One: Where You Go, I'll Go

Set and Costume Preparation: Use Bible-time costumes or improvise costumes, (optional: Hava Nagila music).

Choose Your Actors: Narrator (one or more actors, number the parts as needed), Elimelech, Naomi, Mahlon, Kilion, Orpah, Ruth, Crowd and Townsperson (One or more actors, number or split their parts as needed.)

Story Focus: Naomi's despair, Ruth's selfless devotion.

Overview: Based on Ruth, Chapter One. The story of Ruth takes place during the time when Judges ruled Israel. It was a wicked time in Israel's history, but not everyone disobeyed God. Our skit tells the story of three such people: Ruth, Naomi and Boaz, who obeyed and loved God. 

Director: Lights, Camera, Action!

Narrator: In the days when the judges ruled, there was a famine in the land of Judah.

Elimelech: Naomi, our crops won't grow and our food has run out. We've got to get out of here or we'll starve to death!

Naomi: But Eli, where will we go?

Elimelech: I've heard there is plenty of food in Moab.

Naomi: Moab? You want us to move to Moab?

Elimelech: We'll move there until the famine is over, then we'll come back home. Pack our bags and tell the boys to get ready. We'll leave in the morning.

Naomi: Maaaaah-lon and Kiiiii-lion! Pack your bags. Your father says we're leaving for Moab in the morning.

Mahlon: But, but, I don't know anyone in Moab. What about all my friends, here?

Naomi: It will be okay. You'll meet new friends.

Kilion: Can I take my camel?

Naomi: Absolutely.

Narrator: So Elimelech and his family traveled to the land of Moab. But while they were there, Elimelech died and Naomi was left with only her two sons to care for her.

(All actors cry. Elimelech waves goodbye and exits.)

Naomi: My sons, now that your father is dead, it would be good for you to get married.

Mahlon: We know just the right ladies - Orpah and Ruth! Oh baby!

Kilion: Orpah is my girl!

Mahlon: And I love Ruthy!

Naomi: Oh my, there's so much to do to get ready. I'll call the caterer. Let's have a big party and celebrate your weddings!

(Naomi, her sons and their wives join hands and dance around in a circle. Optional: family dances in a circle holding hands while singing or humming Hava Nagila.)


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