Lights, Camera, Action Bible Skits TM

Based on the Book of Ruth

The book of Ruth is a beautiful, Hebrew short story, which focuses on Ruth's unselfish loyalty to Naomi and Boaz's commitment to these two widows. The story is primarily about Naomi's transformation from despair to joy due to the self-giving love of Ruth and Boaz. Ultimately, the story of Ruth is about God's love and provision for those who are part of his family, not because of birthright, but because of their faith and loyalty in God. In this story we also learn about Boaz, the Kinsmen Redeemer of Ruth and Naomi. It is he who paid off their debts and restored their relationship in the community. In turn, Jesus is our Kinsmen-Redeemer, who has brought us out of slavery to sin, cancelled our debt, and restored us, giving us a hope and joy for the future. Learn more about the Ruth Bible Skits and download a sample from the book.

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