If Thorns Could Speak

The Day Creation Rejoiced | by Cheremiah

During my quiet time with the Lord I pictured in my mind the crown of thorns on Jesus’ head and heard in my spirit the words, "The day creation rejoiced."

It got me to thinking if it were possible how the thorns would have felt knowing that they were not originally created as thorns and how devastating it may have been for them when they were twisted into Jesus’ crown of thorns. With those thoughts in mind I wrote, “IF Thorns Could Speak.”

When Adam and Eve sinned creation fell under sin’s curse and the thorns said to the thistles “Can things get any worse?”

On Crucifixion Day we faced even more dread being twisted into a crown to be worn on Jesus’ head!

With the crown of thorns on His head Jesus was mocked, struck, humiliated, and shamed. We never wanted to cause Him suffering and pain.

With compassion Jesus said, as blood was flowing from His brow “You do not understand but this is part of God’s plan to allow these things to be so for now.”

“You were not created to be a thorn you were formed perfect and beautifully. Perfect and beautiful you will once again be for all eternity.”

“I came down from heaven to earth below, to destroy the power of sin and death. Your sorrow and dread will be turned to great joy, after I AM crucified, buried and risen from the dead.”

Copyright 2023 Cheremiah

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