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10,000 Reasons to Get Up

20-20 Vision | Spiritual Eyes to See
A Cross, A Tree, A Torture Stake
Afterlife in the Old Testament
Answering a Jehovah's Witness
Are You a Pharisee @ Heart?  
Are You a Prayer Warrior or Worrier?

Are You Reconciled? 
Bible Memory Cards: John 1:1-14
Bible Study Guides, Prayer Journals, & Planner
Blessed Are Those Who Mourn
Bowing Down

Broken Sacrifices
Can You Hear Me Now?
Casting, Throwing, Giving  
Christian. . . and Tattoos?  
Christian Cults. . .What Are They?

Crawling Off the Altar
Created in God's Image
Desert of God's Love 
Digging Deeper: Treasure Hunting 
Do Dogs Go To Heaven? 
Do You Believe in the Resurrection?

Dynamite Living
Explaining the Trinity - Video
Formerly Known As . . .
Freedom in Christ, and from Panic Attacks too!
From Trans to Transformed

Garden Chaos  
Garden Command

Gifts of Ministry | God Uses Children
God Fights for You - Be Still
God is in Control - Ocean Video

God Supplies - Video
God's Character Revealed

Gone Fishing - Witnessing Opportunities
Gospel of the Older Testament
Groaning Prayers
Hammer and the Flame 
Hard Pressed-A Gethsemane Moment

Hide n' Go Seek  
Holy Spirit Shocking Truth

How is God a Sun and a Shield?
Hurry Up and Wait! 
I Can, Through Christ
Is it the Mark of the Beast? - Video

JESUS: I'll Be There For You!
Jesus' Dire Warning - Video

Jesus, Name Above All Names
Life is Hard, Stand Strong Saints!

Lord's Prayer, God-Centered and God-Directed 
Mother's Tribute
No Barriers, Come Boldly
Old Testament Overview
On Guard Against Satan's Attacks
Our Earthly Tabernacle
Overcoming Anxiety - Reciprocal Inhibition

Owner's Manual: Read Before Operating 
Peace in the Storm
Pineapple Parable Videos
 Part 1) Don't Give Up!
 Part 2) God Hears Our Cries
 Part 3) Give Us Eyes to See  
Play It Backwards "Vinyl Record Albums"
Psalms Morning Devotion Word Search Puzzles
Reasonable Service?
Saint MLK, What is Sainthood?
Satisfied in Christ, Rejoicing in Suffering?
Scripture Graphics & Inspirational Quotes  
Seasons of Suffering
Seeing Jesus in Psalm 23

Shadows of Suffering 
Sifted Like Wheat

Solid as a Rock – When Life Crumbles  
Speak, LORD, For Your Servant Hears

Streams of Living H20
Stressed Out? Look Up!  
Take Back the Rainbow

Take My Yoke
That Shiny New Thing  
That's Not a Dog, That's a Paper Clip
(Sample read)
The 1%, the Lost, and the Strays
The Father's Voice
The "In-crowd" - Who Do You Follow?
The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth
The One Thing 
The Roman Road - Video
The Wishbone Prayer

Weeds . . . Again?! - Video 
What About Those Who've Never Heard?
What is Sin - We're Going to Hell, Right?

What Kind of Seed Are You?
Who Will Save America-Is Justice Coming?

A Christmas Prayer - Printable  
Advent Joy, In the Midst of Sorrow?

Epiphany, An AHA Moment!

Finding Joy
Hanukkah to Christmas
Holding His Hand 
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Keep the Merry
Why Shepherds and Wise Men?

A New Gratitude in the New Year
Clean Slate
Hidden Things
"If Only I . . . " Are You Living With Regrets? 
Living Life in the A.D.

Resolve to Run Faithfully

The Invisible Christ

Beauty for Ashes 

Do You Believe in the Resurrection?

Easter Reason
Encourage One Another
Forty Days
Good Friday, Good Shepherd
I AM the Good Shepherd
Lift High the Cross
My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?
Resurrection Proof
Salvation in No Other Name
The Tree
Waiting on God - Jesus' Ascension
We Had Hoped . . .
What's So Good About Good Friday?

TheBe-Attitudes for Adults -- for daily devotionals or for group Bible study. 

Adult Devotionals From Our Partners 

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A Light in the Darkness
A Time to Heal (Poem)
A Promise from Me, to wipe every tear . . .
Advent: Guilt-free Giving
All Nature Sings--Don't Look Back
Are You Addicted to Worry?
Armadillo Armor
Avatar: Jesus
Believe . . . Tis' the Season!
Between a Rock and a Hard Place  
Biblical Prescriptions

Black Dot, What Do You See?
Candlelight and Cheese
Canyons, May the Lord Bless You and . . . 

Children's Praise

Daddy's Coming--Again!
Daily Devotions: Have a Plan
Divine Appointment at the Pump!
Do You Believe God Loves You?

Dragonflies of Lent
Father's Day: Letter From My Dad 

Flesh Wounds

From Caterpillars to Butterflies to New Life 
Gifts From Above-Fruitful Perspective

Give Him the Name Jesus
Glimpsing God's Joy
God Knows You
H20 the Way to Go!
He My Daddy
High Holy Days
Holier Than Thou Attitudes
How My Worship of God is Challenged 
I Came to Draw Men Poem
If Thorns Could Speak
Is It OK That My Closest Friends Are Not In Church?
Keeping Christ in Christmas
Leaning on God's Hand
Lesson of the Shepherds
Lord Are You There? 
Lord, Send Me

Made With Clay, but Created for a Purpose
Making Men: Firm Foundations
Martyrdom-Choose Jesus
Money or Wealth?

Monthly Educator's Devotional
My Trip to the Potter's House
Nine Mighty Names of God
Old Testament Timeline Overview

Ordinary Time . . . Not So Ordinary

Our Expert Father
Par for the Course
Reggie, the Baptized Cockatiel
Scoop from the Coop: Being Merciful
Scoop from the Coop: Rooster on the Run!
Sound Asleep-Jesus Asleep in the Storm  

Start With JESUS

Teacher Appreciation: "My Favorite Things" Parody  
The Consuming Fire

The Hammer - Good Friday Poem 
The Room--My Dream

The Teacup and The Potter
The Thief
To Tell the Truth
Trust is Not Figuring it Out
We Seek...We Find...Then What? 

Weeping For The Lost

Whose Armor Are You Wearing?
Why Does God Call His People Sheep?
Why I Couldn't Fix My Problems?
You Say, But God Says
You're Still God