Ten Commandments Resources

For Children's Ministry, Sunday School, Bible Clubs

We've consolidated our free* and pay-for-use Ten Commandments resources on this page. I hope you find this useful! If you use any of them, we'd love to receive your feedback! Email us!

Poster Ten Commandments

God's Top Ten Bible Lesson Plans

Ten Commandments "Look n' Learn" Poster 

(Printed material: 12" x 18" at-a-glance full-color poster.

Ten Commandments "Look n' Learn" Bible Bookmarks
(Printed material 2" x 7" - Sold in packets of 10)

Ten Commandments "Look n' Learn" Flash Cards
Purchase separately or in God's Top 10 Bible lesson plans

Ten Commandments Memory Matching Game
Based on our Look n' Learn finger method!

Ten Commandments Video Presentation (Digital download)

Word Scramble Puzzles: God's Unspoken Promises

*Expand your lessons using our FREE Ten Commandments Games:
Ten Chairs
Ten Commands Dice Game
Sabbath Rest
Ten Commands Word Find Puzzle

*Click the tablets to get a free tablet prop!
Ten Commandments Tablets

We have been breaking down the 10 commandments and teaching the kids how each one applies to their lives. We have a very 'hands-on' group of kids and they really have enjoyed the hand gestures to help them remember them. We also use The Ten Commandment Boogie song by Go Fish and use the hand gestures as motions for the song. I really enjoy teaching the kids hands-on ways of remembering and applying Scripture to their lives. Thank you for the resources to aid in biblical teaching! God bless you!" ~Tammy F.

"We are using your God's Top Ten lessons in our children's church. We could not be more pleased. The first week the kids knew the hand signs for all ten commandments. The material is well prepared." ~ Sandra 

"I recently purchased God's Top Ten, and wanted to let you know how much I love it. The format is perfect for what I need to run our weekly children's church. I simply needed a lesson, a craft, and a game which would be suitable for multiple-aged children. I had tried for years to find a program without all the complexities of a quarterly curriculum. Your e-book truly was an answer to prayer. Many thanks for making my life easier. What a joy each week to hear our students eagerly recite the commandments." 
~ D. McCarson 


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