Ten Chairs

A Ten Commandments Game

"Ten Chairs" was well received; the kids didn't want to stop playing! This game works best with 10 or more players.

Before playing, children must become familiar with the Ten Commandments Look n' Learn Finger Commands (available in any of our Top Ten Bible Lessons, flash cards, bookmarks, posters, video, or matching memory game.)

Set up: Arrange ten chairs in a circle with the backs facing toward the center. Using tape and a marker, number the chairs 1-10. Place the tape on the front edge of the seat.  

How to Play: Children line up around the chairs in front of the seats. Blow a whistle for kids to begin walking around the outside circle. After a few seconds, blow the whistle again, signaling kids to sit in a chair. (It's ok to have more kids than chairs.) Teacher then calls out a number, 1-10. The child sitting in that numbered chair must immediately say the command with the finger motion. If the child can't say it, he or she is out for that round of play. Play as long as time allows or until you have a winner or a few players left playing. (If you prefer to not have a player be out, just continue playing or have the whole group say the command together.)

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