What Is It Time For You To Do? 

by James L. Marcum, M.D. FACC

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose . . . Ecclesiastes 3:1

"What is it time for you to do?" As I write, I understand that these are mere words, but I pray that you will experience the closeness of God speaking to you through the power of the Holy Spirit.

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose . . ." Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NKJV).

This chapter in Ecclesiastes is filled with wisdom. There is a time for every purpose. When I evaluate the events since the pandemic began, I ask myself, what is it time for me to do? What does God want me, specifically, to do with my time in this ever-challenging world?

Later in this chapter, the author continues: ďHe has made everything beautiful in its timeĒ Ecclesiastes 3:11. How can everything be beautiful?

Time brings about Godís purpose. He is sovereign. As the tapestry of time unfolds, there might be moments that seem chaotic, but our God has a wise purpose, a beautiful purpose, for each season in our lives. The God who oversees trillions of stars knows you by name and desires you to experience His love. Our gifted time is meaningful to God.

Many use time in various ways. The use of our time changes us. Remember, every input over time changes physiology, what we think, how we rest, what we eat, brain self-talk, the social media, what we read, what people say to us, the prescriptions we take, the smells, the noises, the visuals, and the list goes on. The body is very complicated, and each one is genetically different. How we use the gift of time is physiologically significant.

It is time to worship in praise and thanksgiving.
It is time to pray.
It is time to study the word.
It is time to support and love like never before.
It is time to spread the good news of the gospel in whatever way God has gifted.
It is time to seek Godís will.

What is God asking you to do with your gifted time? Iíve witnessed many folks searching for truth throughout this pandemic. Many are asking important questions, life-altering questions. They know there are hidden agendas at every corner. 

You have an opportunity, with your time, to help others find the truth, setting them free. Through His Son and the power of the Holy Spirit, God wants to help us make decisions in all things. We must be diligent not to shame or belittle others. We can improve the physiology of others by loving them.

As we trust and walk with God in His time, we will understand how He fulfills His promise of making everything beautiful.

Our community at Biblical Prescriptions for Life is growing. People are praying for each other and sharing. God is leading as we commit our time to Him. In a recent video, I demonstrated how ten minutes of worship improve physiology and heals for eternity.

We have a worship app available that may help you grow, and itís a free resource designed to be shared. I am amazed how God can multiply a few fish for His will.

As I close this newsletter, I want you once again to ask yourself "What is it time for me to do?"

We will be praying for you as God uses each one in various ways to love each other and spread the good news.

Copyright 2021 James L. Marcum, M.D. FACC
Used by Permission from HeartWiseMinistries.org

James L. Marcum, M.D. FACC
Author, Biblical Prescriptions for Life

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