Daddy's Coming! 

Unless you become as a child . . . | By Penelope White

Out of the mouth of babes comes perfected praise. Matthew 21:16b

Unless you become as a child (trusting, believing, depending, waiting on, expecting, fully relying) You will not understand the kingdom of God. Mark 10:13-16; Luke 18:16-17. God speaks! May we listen!

Let not your heart be troubled, nor afraid. You trust GOD, now trust Me [Jesus]. I am going to prepare a place for you...when everything is ready, I will return for you (come and get you). Then, you will always be with me. John 14:1-3

I recently had the blessed privilege of sharing the day with our almost two-year old granddaughter, she kept sharing her affirmation, "Daddy's coming, daddy's coming," adamantly, positive, with total trust and confidence! She would play a while, then stop to command attention and repeat her declaration, as if to say, "Now, I already told you, 'daddy's coming, daddy's coming.'" We enjoyed a tasty homemade lunch and during our conversation, she reminded me (you guessed it), "Daddy's coming, daddy's coming." 

She thoroughly enjoyed her sweet and peaceful nap, swinging, bird-watching, rock collecting, singing, handprint painting, eating farm fresh peaches and red ripe sweet cherries, and dancing--all beautiful and delightful, yet did NOT erase her thoughts, intentional focus, affirmative proclaiming, and anticipation of daddy's coming, daddy's coming. 

Praise GOD for this trusting childlike reminder of such a profound truth as it relates to our Heavenly Father! We can rest assured that Daddy's Word is truth; HE is faithful and will do just what He said. All the promises of the LORD are yes and amen. Her message spoke to, convicted, and ministered to my heart. I continue to need promptings of the priority of my eternal focus, my Heavenly Father is coming! Amid pleasures, opportunities to serve, trials, difficulties, pain, disappointments, or daily duties, may we remind others and ourselves, Daddy's coming to our aid, rescue, and side. Yes, He is coming back for us to be with HIM forever!

This little child is indeed a carrier of the true message from the Lord to her G'ma. God speaks!

2015 Penelope White 
Use with author's permission 
Author of Med-Monthly Educators' Devotional; 
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Editor's note: what a beautiful message of how the Holy Spirit can use children to lead us! Thank you, Penelope, for listening to God's voice, and being willing to share your message! What a wonderful reminder for God's children in the world today; one that gives us hope and courage to press on, because Daddy is coming again!

PENELOPE ALLEN WHITE, wife, mother of two young adult sons, and g'ma puts into print her heart's desire. That is for all children/people to intimately know God. This Christian educator and speaker, church school curriculum writer/teacher, workshop facilitator, middle school counselor, mentor teacher for first year teachers, tutor, and home Bible study/prayer meeting host holds a Master's Degree in Christian Education (Virginia Seminary), a Master's Degree in Education/Guidance and Counseling (Bowie State University), and an English Degree (Mississippi Valley State University). She holds a certificate for Community Chaplains. Her passionate experience working with and for children spans more than three decades in churches, communities, and schools. In addition, she has served as a volunteer in a neighborhood nursing care facility, a center for the homeless, and many schools.

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