Poem: A Time to Heal

Comfort those who who mourn | by Emmalea butler

I wrote the following poem for two young boys (15 and 11) who’s dad recently died. I purchased two inexpensive pocket watches and attached the poem in a greeting card. I gave the boys their watches before the funeral. They immediately took them out of their box and after checking them out, attached them to whatever they attach them to, and put them in their pockets. I could see the gold(ish) chain swag out of their pocket. I even saw them check the time more than once. Later their mom came to me with the poem in her hands and gave me a big hug. She said that it meant so much to her, and as the boys got older the poem would be even more appreciated than the watches. It was a nice moment to spend with her. So, because I saw what a blessing it was to this hurting family, perhaps others might be blessed if they had something like this to give at a sad time.

A special Time Piece we give to you,
It holds things very dear,
It holds the past and present
And reminds the future’s near.

Time is such a friend to us,
As we look back and see
The memories we hold so dear
And keep so secretly.

For when we need some comfort
We think about “A Time”
That means so very much to us
God kept and now reminds.

No time was ever wasted
When memories are not sad.
So spend some “Time” remembering,
Special moments spent with Dad.

(An alternate generic ending could be: Special moments that we had.)

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you . . . Philippians 1:3

Copyright 2015 Emmalea Butler

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