Bible Volley Ball

Objective: To reinforce Bible memorization skills. 

Bible game for memorization

What you need: Large playground ball; a memory queue*:  the Bible verses your class has been memorizing, such as the Books of the Bible, The 23rd Psalm, The Lord's Prayer, The Beatitudes, The Fruit of the Spirit, The Ten Commandments, etc.

How to play: Divide class into two teams. Players on teams line up side-by-side, an arms distance apart. Have teams face each other, begin by standing 3-4 feet apart. Ball is given to one of the players on the end. Player holding the ball starts the game by saying the first word in the memory queue*, and then bounces it to the opposing player on the other team. That player must then say the next word in the memory queue. If the player is unable to say the correct word, that player is out. If you prefer the player to stay in the game, player can pass it back across to the other team. Teams make points for every correct word spoken. After the line of players have had a chance to say the memory queue, players take a step back to widen the gap. You can also decide to eliminate players for not tossing the ball correctly or not catching the ball. Play continues as long as time allows. 

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