God's Safety Zone

Guard your minds in Christ Jesus - Ephesians 6:10-20, Philippians 4:7

Helmet of SalvationObjective

I created this game to coordinate with our lesson on the HELMET of salvation, that is protecting our HEAD/THINKING so we are protected from the WILES of the Devil. When we are SAVED, sin keeps us from doing GOD's will.



Set up

Establish 2-4 teams to play in a large, square playing area. Players, Soldiers, on teams line up at the four corners of the playing area. Choose another 1-4 players, depending on the size of your group, to be Taggers representing SIN. We chose four of the Ten Commandments to represent "SINS or WILES of the Devil" that God's children are to avoid, e.g. using GOD's name in vain #3, stealing #8, lying #9, and coveting #10. Taggers wear signs that represent one of the aforementioned sins, or simply write SIN on the signs.

At the center of the playing area create a fence of protection. Mark it off using playground cones, pool noodles, or ropes. This fenced area is the Safety Zone, which represents being in GOD's will, HIS plan for our lives.

How to Play

At the go, the first Soldier from each team line attempts to run to the Safety Zone, while avoiding being caught by the SIN Tagger(s). If Soldiers make it to the center, they are saved, and may continue playing. Saved Soldiers return to the back of their team line. However, if Soldiers are tagged, they are OUT of the game and must sit in an area away from the center to wait their turn to be a SIN Tagger.

When there are 2-4 "OUT" Soldiers (amount equal to the number of teams), they exchange places with the Sin Taggers. Those Sin Taggers then become Soldiers attempting to make it to the Safety Zone. Play continues as long as time allows.  

After the Game Discussion

When we know that the Devil/Enemy is trying to "tag" us with "tricks or wiles" to get us away from GOD's Safety Zone. We have to use our heads, put on the Helmet of Salvation, by thinking of those sins that God warns us about and running away from them, and then thinking about and doing those things that please God.

The Ten Commandments teach us about sin. EVERYONE sins! But when we confess our sins to JESUS, admit we do wrong, HE and only HE, can SAVE us, and keep us Safe from the DEVIL.

Copyright 2018 Emmalea Butler
Co-founder of The Great Adventure Club and Executive Director of The Lord's Locker, a non-profit food and clothing pantry ministry that shares the Gospel.
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