Come On Up, Moses!

Ten Commandments Game for Children's Ministry

(Practice saying the Ten Commandments using the Look n' Learn Ten Commandment's Cards or Ten Commandment's Video.)

Read Exodus 19:1-25 from a child-friendly Bible.
And then say, "Then God spoke, and he gave his people the Commandments." (Have children recite the commandments.)

Set Up: You will need a set of the commandments printed individually on strips of paper without their corresponding numbers. If you have a lot of children, divide them into teams. However, each player or team will need their own set of numberless commandments. You may want to use different colors of paper to distinguish teams, but this isn't essential.

Establish a running course, preferably with a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs place the strips of numberless commandments. 

How to Play: At the go, players race the course, ascend the stairs to climb "Mount Sinai," retrieve one commandment, descend the "mountain," and then race back to the start position where they will begin to arrange their commandments in the correct order. Players continue playing until all the commandments have been retrieved, making sure not to take duplicate commandments from the top of the "mountain." If players take a duplicate command, they must climb back up and put it back before taking another commandment. 

First player or team to receive all ten commandments and place them in correct order wins.

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