The One-Way Bible Game


Jesus said, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me' (John 14:6).

There is only one way to win and that is by keeping the balls inside the pathway. Let this remind you that Jesus is our ONE-WAY, our pathway, to God. 

For indoors, using masking tape, mark off straight pathways for each team, approximately five inches wide (you can make it wider for younger kids). Give each team one ping-pong ball and each player a straw. At the go players must take turns blowing through their straws to propel their ping-pong ball inside the pathway. If the ball rolls out of the pathway, the player must return to start to begin again. When players reach the opposite end of their path, they must bring the ball to the next player in his or her team line. Play continues like this until all players have their turn.

For outdoors, make the pathways wider, about a foot apart. Players use small pit balls, propelling them forward using only their feet. Play continues in like manner as stated above.

Copyright 2011 Sarah Keith

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