Bible Spell Game

What you need
A Bible, Post-It-Notes, black-board, seconds-timer, Bible spelling words.

Set Up
Write out Bible spelling words on Post-it-Notes. Use words from your lesson or Bible book names.

How To Play
Divide class into two teams. First player from team one is given a Bible Spelling word. S/he must first tell his or her team how many letters are in their word, then give clues for each of the letters. Another player from the team may write blank spaces on the board to equal the amount of letters in the spelling word. As the clues are given for each letter, s/he may write the letters in the blank spaces. A player has 20 seconds to give the clues to their teammates.

Clues are given in consecutive order. If the spelling word is "Genesis," the first clue could be: "The opposite of bad is___?" (Answer=Good. Good begins with the letter "G" as does the first letter in Genesis.) Players may not say the letter or use a word that begins with that letter. The next letter in Genesis is "E," a clue for this could be, "This animal has a very large trunk." (The correct answer is elephant, which begins with an "E," the second letter in Genesis, and so on.)

A player may opt to skip a letter and go to the next letter. Teams have 20 seconds to guess the Bible spelling word. If they answer correctly they score a point. If they cannot answer correctly, the opposing team may give their answer to score. If they are unable to answer, no team scores. The next team takes their turn. After a designated time, the team with the most points, wins!

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