Getting to Know Your Neighbor

Lesson on Kindness | by Cheryl Mariano

Sample "Getting to Know Your Neighbor," one of Cheryl Mariano's eight fictional stories based on real life situations. Grades K-5 will find her stories fun and easy to understand. The objective is to reinforce biblical truths and applications, with each story including a simple, fun activity for children. Available now on Amazon. 

show kindness to your neighbor

Today's adventure lesson is on Kindness, an attribute of the Fruit of the Spirit.  

"Be ye kind to one another" Ephesians 4:32 (KJV).

Chris Jr. and his family had not yet met their new neighbor Mrs. Smith. Chris really didn't want to either. He thought she was kind of weird.

She always sat outside with her cat and gave mean stares to people when they walked past her house.

Chris had never seen her smile and without a smile she looked very mean and grouchy. She never had any visitors either. "Probably because she's so mean" Chris thought.

It was Saturday and Chris was going to visit his best friend and neighbor Todd. He would have to walk past Mrs. Smith's house to get there.

Sure enough she and her cat were sitting outside. Chris had planned to walk by her house really fast and not even look at her, but he remembered something his Sunday school teacher had said last week.

"If you want to be kind she said; then the next time you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours." Chris looked up at Mrs. Smith, waved his hand to say hello and smiled . . . and guess what? She smiled back at him!

During dinner time Chris said; "Guess what, I saw Mrs. Smith smile for the first time today."

"Poppa and I meant to go over and say hello to her when she first moved in; Mother said, but we never got around to it. I baked some cookies today, after dinner let's take some to Mrs. Smith and finally get to meet her."

Later that evening when Mrs. Smith's doorbell rang she was surprised to see the Cross family standing there, and guess what . . . she smiled again!

She invited the family inside and they all had a very good visit. She really appreciated the cookies mother had made. Chris Jr. learned that Mrs. Smith wasn't really mean after all.

She and her cat lived alone because . . .

______________ End of sample.

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